Saturday, March 29, 2014

Glitches Galore!

Hello Jammers! The new item is not to be seen so it is probably in the April Fools Party. 
Yesterday's new item was also in the April Fools Party it was a Cheese Hat......
I guess we will all be cheese heads from now on XD
It would make a good mouse costume for Night of the Phantoms or a Fashion Show!
Original Color: Brown
The Aquarium has posted a new video....
Speaking of the Aquarium there is Tierney now! In this pawesome Daily Explorer article shown below.....
"Did you know almost 50 different shark species have light-emitting organs called photospheres?"

Last Tuesday there was a Glitch Update from AJHQ, since then they fixed a lot of glitches, but have added a couple. But, in the end they fixed almost all of these. Here are a few glitches from that time.....
Looks like the Jamagrams are in code! Better know the code to send to your friends ;)
Looks like all of your animals have been "tempAvt" -ed. That is just AJHQ's default player names. This can happen to player profiles also.
 The last glitch of the week is from bkcrazies0....
It is the famous invisible jammers glitch! I love how the little shadow stays, it makes it kind of creepy!

**Attention Actors**
These are the dates I have decided to plan, you need to choose the ones that you can attend. From there we will choose one!
March 31 @ 12:00 AJ TIME
March 31 @ 5:00 AJ TIME
April 1 @ 5:00 AJ TIME
April 3 @ ANYTIME
April 4 @ ANYTIME
Thanks actors please comment the dates you are available. 

New Background! Do you like it for April Fools?
Have fun and happy jamming!!
Comment Call: Tunnel Town v.s. Jump


  1. Hello Scooter! Great post!
    Can you check out my blog

    Your blog inspired me to make it! :)

  2. I like jump more it's great fun but also quick to play
    I play it on the bus to school

  3. Hey scooter i love your new backround the mustache on the arctic wolf is funny!
    thx for the cheese hat info and the temptavt happened to me too!

  4. Oops i forgot the comment call i like jump better because you can travel with it because who wants to carry an ipad all around the world XD although i have tunnel town jump seems better

  5. Tunnel town. Mostly because it's adorable

  6. I like tunnel town and jump

  7. I like tunnel town just cause you can collect and name all of your little bunnies. Also, hint: If you click on a bunny and open it's profile, click the bunny it will make a cute little squeaking noise ^-^

  8. I see you used my Arctic Wolf, next time please ask? :)
    Btw, I want to blog, but no one reads myblog, no views on the post. So, I quit, sorry Scooter! I might come back when people actually read the blog :)

    1. Sorry, it didn't say that you had to cite you. I will definitely say your use next time if I use one!


    2. It's okay, I understand. You can use any, or suggest any. I'm not really posting anymore due to people not even looking at my blog or bothering too. So, I guess you can. Just make sure you say my use next time :)

  9. Hey jammers! Please report secretsociety for scamming! She scammed someones spirit armor!

  10. Jump is what I think is better.


  11. I like Jump better! I have not been able to get to the April Fools Party and it's in 2 hours so excited. XD

  12. like the look :D and i dont have an ipad soooooooooo jump

  13. I went to the April Fools Party and there are games, but two are not supposed to be it.
    Also I like Tunnel Town better because on Jump it's kinda hard to control on my phone compared to Doodle Jump.

  14. april 1st aj time. 5:00

  15. hi love you new blog colours its really jazzie!


  16. I like aj jump better because you know how tunnel town only works on ipads,ipods,iphones,etc, not on andriods,and on aj jump you get to download it from android and ipads,ipods,iphones,atc. -bunnycute39


    1. Im quitting because of people who say I scam So Just be quiet. And yes HOW THE HECK DID I SCAM U READ MY BLOGGER THING I HATE SCAMMERS DO I HATE MYSELF NO SO BE QUIET

  18. march 31 5:00 should work. for me :)



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