Monday, March 24, 2014

Rare Shark Fin + Plesiosaur

Welcome Jammers! 
The Rare Item Monday seen in the Jamaa Journal is in the Jam Mart Clothing Store on the 1st page and is a Rare Shark Fin.....
Looks: ***
Price: ****
Jamaasian: ***
Great April Fools item!
 The Sarepia Theater has a new video....
The Daily Explorer posted an article about Panda Flags....
 We miss you Pandas! 
Please come back one day to Jamaa!

Before we start the mystery... Is this Dinosaur ever going to thaw?!?! O.O
The dinosaur in the ice looks like a Plesiosaurs which there is an image below....
These long-necked underwater creatures eat water-breathing fish.
So do you think that this dinosaur will ever thaw out? If it does will it be a new animal for the underwater lands? This is "Animal" Jam not "Dinosaur" Jam. The only way it could thaw is if Mt.Shiveer would heat up, which probably will never happen in my opinion. 
Comment Call: Solve this mystery in your opinion.

Skymail #13 Enjoy!
Thanks for everyone who sends gifts/questions!

I had a request today to announce that pinky522 is having a River Clan in her den. Send her a Jam-A-Gram if you want to join!

2 new polls on both sides of the Blog.
The Title Background is playing a prank just in time for April Fools XD
Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. i agree with u scooter i dont think it will melt but maybe animal jam will bring it back

  2. by back i mean bring the dinosaur to jamaa
    (it wasn't here before XD)

  3. its soooooooooo great that someone is having a clan at their den :D mine just shut down :( it will be nice 2 haave a clan again XD

    P.S. i have read ALL the warrior book dat have come out :)


  4. Didn't a Rare Shark fin already exist?
    And isn't that te one from the Jamaa Journal?

  5. maybe there will be global waming in mt shiver and make it thaw!
    i whould make sence

  6. I think the phantoms will go to Mt.Shiveer and zap the ice with the lightning bolts BAM WHAT!!! The ice will brake and out the dinosaur goes!


  7. Thx scooter for putting that up der :) pinky

  8. Scooter where are you in ur video ???
    Ur buddy,
    P.S. play minecraft to!

    1. What do you mean? I am the Eagle in the video. I don't use my voice because I sound really awkward in videos. XD


  9. Scooter? I saw the CREEPIEST video today on animal jam from Youtube. It was called "killer cosmo" It was too scary to see the rest of it. I was freaked out. I would not advise watching it unless you want to be freaked out.

    -Meowcats1228 FREAKED OUT I'm only 8 btw so mabey that's why I'm freaked out.

  10. Omg this is the luckiest day on animal jam I ever had! I got 2 diamonds on spin wheel. :O

  11. I like the rare shark fin because the colours work really well
    Thanks for featuring me in the sky mail

  12. I personally think that it is wrong for AJ to sell shark fins. The act of removing the fins from the sharks and dumping its bodies back to the ocean is not okay. I applauded AJ for recognizing the endangerment of pandas, but I am disappointed that sharks are not getting the same respect.

  13. Wait, I just noticed this. How is mt shiveer not thawed yet if it's next to a beach???? O.O

  14. I think it might thaw, due to being next to steaming hot springs. And actually, Mt. Shiveer is NOT next to Crystal Sands (check the map O.O) I think the vents in Deep Blue are connected to the Mt. Shiveer hot springs.


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