Friday, March 28, 2014

April Fools Party

Hi Jammers!
The New Item seems to be misssing at the moment!?!?! I checked every single shop in Jamaa. Maybe, it will come later on during the day...
The Daily Explorer posted an article about News Crew....
Haven't heard from News Crew in a while!
The first April Fools Party of 2014 was yesterday! Here is the new items....
Cool new items in a Pineapple shaped shop!
Below is an exclusive video tour of the new party.....
Pretty Epic party!

Have you ever seen the new movie Frozen?
If you have, I tried [^-^] to make a Deer look like Elsa. Here is what you need:
 Ice Amulet - 1 Diamond
Ice Gauntlets - 1 Diamond
Rare Snowflake Cape - Trade System
Head Flower - 350 Gems

Videos Tab updated
Today is the last day of Jammer of the Month Sign-Ups! To sign up click here!
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Comment Call: Frozen v.s. Tangled


  1. Everyone's loved frozen sooooo much, and everyone's pretty much forgotten about tangled. I'd say they are equal.

  2. i watched frozen i liked the part when the snowman called the guy a donkey XD
    thx for the vid of the party!

  3. YAY frozen was I good movie I loved it so sad but then so heartwarming in the end, I though the Lego movie was halirious!!!! Or just fun go Elsa and Wyldstyle from the Lego movie she rocks!

  4. For my version I made color 1 white so it looks like her hair. Frozen is awesome :D

  5. frozen is wayyyyyyyyyy better :D:D:D:D i love FROZEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. I just posted Elsa and Anna deer on my blog yesterday.

  7. Frozen I think is better.


  8. I like frozen and tangled

  9. Frozen is way better then tangled no contest!

  10. i like frozen the most

  11. I haven't seen Frozen yet, but I'm pretty sure Brave is my favorite so far! ~Sparklefootball

  12. ... the hamburger...!

  13. The new item is cheese hat at April fools party

  14. User: Ambert
    Status: Member
    Reason: I have loved the blog since day one. I hardly comment because I check it out on an ipad. My computer is locked. Well, anyways, LOVE THE BLOG :D

  15. Comment Call:Frozen vs Tangled
    I choose Frozen
    Because I think it is somecalled movie of the year
    And Idina Menzel is my idol I sing her song,Let it go,Everyday.I kept practicing the highest tone and guess what?! I can :D
    Let it go was created by a Filipino and Filipina and I'm a filipina :D Wooo!! Proud to be a Filipina
    ~It's more fun in the PHILIPPINES!! :D

  16. Nice new background. -Ambert

  17. frozen. oh btw they were both made by the same person

  18. i would like to be jammer of the mounth i am lol89762 and the reason is because i was recently hacked and lost all my spikes rares over night.. plus i would like awarrness of my new youtube channel that will be coming soon.

  19. I would choose Tangled. I REALLY don't like Frozen. Its full of drama, music and violence. Anyways, see you!
    -Ambert :3

  20. Honestly I don't like Frozen. The songs and music are sooo annoying and everyone sings them and it gets even more annoying! I like Tangled way better because the songs aren't as annoying. Just being honest.
    --Explorer (explorerleaf)


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