Sunday, March 9, 2014

Clover Tie

Hey Jammers! 9 More Days till the Blog's 1 Year Anniversary!
The Jam Mart Clothing Store has released new Clover Ties....
 Nice edition to the Tie Family in Jamaa! Here are the colors:

The Daily Explorer posted an article about Kangaroos...
Remember to buy a Kangaroo in the Diamond Shop for 10 Diamonds!
 Now, in no way am I trying to brag, make fun of, or torment someone with the following information, but I am on the Epic Dens list....
I realized this when I received 121 Jam-A-Grams O.o
I am so grateful for being on this list for the 6th time.

Click above to read the Comic Book Issue!

The Animal Jam Sky Blog's Lucky Day Fashion Show:
Little MagicFox has been eliminated!
Arctic Wolf is safe for 1 Week!
Comment Call: Vote another jammer out!

New Poll on the Right Column.
Notice I also rearranged the Sky Schedule.
Winner of the Party Planner Contest will be announced tomorrow!!!
Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. Miss chilylily -KInghstonShepard

    1. i vote out miss chillylilly ~3berrygirl

    2. and rosy icypaw ~3berrygirl

  2. i vote out miss chilly lily

  3. I want to vote out Miss ChillyLily. My username is xxajislegendxx.

  4. Miss Chillylilly. The colors go nicely together, it's just that maybe you should add some clothes. :)

  5. Miss chillylily
    Live laugh and love huskies

  6. Rosy Icypaw the bow i just doo not think you need a bow for luckyness you are lucky!


  7. The only reason I got kicked out is because I got ganged up on and that happened to the green arctic wolf in the corner. I am sorry arctic wolf.

    1. Be a good sport and I vote out leaping futurespirit.

    2. Good Job littlebunny21885! Just remember there can only be one winner. Better luck next time! Thanks for entering!!


  8. I vote out Miss Chillylily. Sorry D:

  9. miss chilylily - cutebunnylol8

  10. Don't say 'be a good sport' to my friend littlebunny21885 she is the nicest person in the world and it is true, people get ganged up on and that is how they get out. I got out because I keep getting hacked and getting suspended so I will enter the next fashion show I guess. It's not her fault people decide they don't like her look.

  11. I vote out Miss Chillylily. Sorry. Look good though!

    On a side note, regarding the whole "ganged up on" section, this is a fashion show. It is fun and helps get readers involved in the blog. Everyone has their own style. its ok to get voted out. it just means some liked another style a little better. it doesn't mean you weren't good too. There can only be one winner. all along it has been hard to pick someone to be out because everyone looks so good in their own way. Please be positive. There is no reason for negativity.
    Congrats to everyone, win or loose, because everyone looks great!

  12. I am sorry I was just feeling a little bad this morning.

  13. I vote out Miss Chilylilly. Great Job though!

  14. i vote incrediable arctic wolf

  15. I vote out Miss Chillylily.


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