Monday, March 31, 2014

Rare Golden Headphones

Welcome Sky Jammers! April Fools is tomorrow! Get ready for a Wacky Post!
Today's Rare Item Monday is in Epic Wonders, it is Rare Golden Headphones.....
Jamaasian: **
Looks like good music will be coming out of these headphones!
Yesterday's new item was in the April Fools Shop, it was a milkshake hat....
Cool item, but does it even look like a hat?
The Sarepia Theater has released a new video....

The Daily Explorer posted an article about the Great Nature Project.....
This is a Great Project to spread the word on these amazing animals.

The week's mystery is in the deep sea in the depths of the Deep Blue. Notice how there is a gigantic gap in the ocean floor. This is how volcanoes are created. So what does this mean? Will there be a volcano there someday? Does it lead to a phantom volcano? Does it lead to a jammer's volcano den?
Comment Call: Solve the Mystery of the Deep Lava!

**Attention Actors**
One actor can only make it at 6:00 AJ TIME, can we change it to then?

1 More day to vote on the Right Poll!
Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. Greely never said he lived in his hideout i think that is his den that gap plus First Comment


  2. no his den was in the volcano remember?

  3. I think that gap is an entrance to a new place, that will come out soon. Maybe the bears will find it. It might be a volcano inside, a cave, or something. Something you can get to by being an underwater animal, then you can change in a land animal, because there are air bubbles constantly coming out, so I think it might be a new land.

  4. I think the gap is where, like in the ocean you can't go down so far, so AJHQ put the whole ocean in there ,but they put it to where jammers can't go down there so far or you'll be crushed. Just a guess! ~blurmercer03~

  5. I think that gap is like a thermal vent where the center of earth (center of jamaa in this case) gets out the heat, pretty much like volcanoes on land. There are also thermal vents in real life.

  6. Personally I dislike the rare , I mean I love the item it's self but it very expensive

  7. Hey scooter, tomorrow is a big day for me because its the ELA state test.
    Also i think the lava area is just representing how the earth has rocks and then lava and then it ends. Like the Earths bottom. Another thing is i suggest the smoothie thing should be a den item. I voted on the polls already happy April! :P

  8. Which day? Tomorrow? I can't do it today...

  9. P.S., At least it's perfect for a waiter :3

  10. Hi Scooter, Dietcherry here, I can also be avalible at 5:30 tomorrow to 6:30! Just wanted to let you know!:) I also LOVE the rare!

  11. :D lol the hat is soooooo funny XD


  12. I just want to give a fact for you guys
    Philippines is also called ring of fire.Because Philippines is made of volcano below it

  13. Hey Jammers I just wanna tell you this
    How?:He will tell you to Jam-a-gram you a rare then he will send you a super rare
    Pls look out for him don't fall for his many tricks many jammers already fell for it
    ~Peace OUT XD
    Happy April Fools XP

    1. Sorry wrong comment on How?:
      He will tell you to Jam-a-gram him a rare then he will pretend he will send you a super rare

  14. Hey jammers! Please visit my blog, and sign up for Jammer of Month for April! I'm picking tomorrow!

    Sorry Scooter! I just really need more views, pawsome post, I think the Milkshake hat is the best hat at the april fools party...

  15. I love your blog lets get together on an some time my user is dragonflame4556


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