Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rustic Hanging Lantern

Hey Jammers!
The New Items in the Outback Imports Shop located North of Kimbara Outback are Rustic Hanging Lamps....
I love this antique item! It looks like the lantern item just with a stand. 
Original Color: Dark Brown
The Daily Explorer posted an article about Crocodiles....
Be sure to find out more at the Animal Jam Academy!

This week in Jamaa's history 2 years ago....
The Lost Ruins Den was introduced!
Elf Tail Armor was the Monthly Membership Gift!
Monkeys were leaving Jamaa!

The newest Blu Comic is in the Blu Mini Blog.....
Be sure to click above to see this Action Packed issue!

Yesterday the Blogiversary Party was a big hit! It was so much fun to play games, get prizes, trade, dance, eat, Q&A, and much more fun activities! Here are some pictures below of the Party in case you missed it.....
 ^^We dressed up as Alphas like Cosmo, Greely, Peck, Liza, Sir Gilbert, and Graham.^^
 ^^We got into the Phantom spirit by dressing and playing as them!^^
^^Finally, we got together to take a picture with our favorite icons/emotions!^^

We are going to have to record sometime early April because of some vacation issues. If that is a problem, then we might have to find some substitute actors.

Clearance Tab updated with two more Epic Wonder items
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Comment Call: Did you like the Pawty? 



    I never had the chance to come to the party, but I most likely would have loved it.

  2. thx for the party updates srry couldn't come have done lots of stuff lately really busy
    (if u can add me please)

  3. Yes, thank you! Unfortunately IM ALSO busy in march, but since we are time zone buddies it only happens in school. Five school trips for a frenchie. FIVE.

  4. i LOVED the pawty sadly my internet contion was bad so i miss some of the fun :(
    the bits i was at where pawsome though!!


  5. I LOVED the party!
    U should have more more often
    Live laugh and love huskies
    Sorry i came late…

  6. I can't believe I forgot to go to the party! Next time...?

  7. I believe the monkeys went endangered last year not two years ago. Please tell me if I'm wrong.


    1. They were endangered in 2012, but I think they came back last year. Here is the Jamaa Journal of 2 years ago this week:


  8. That's fine about liming in April! I will definantly be available then! Thank you:3

  9. I had a great time at the party Scooter! It was a blast! You can always count on Scooter to have the best parties!!!! ~blurmercer03~

  10. Darn vacation I could not make it to the party I was skiing instead. Wish I could've made it


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