Thursday, March 6, 2014

Seahorses + Shops

Hey Jammers! Today is update today!
Everything is decorated for Lucky Day!
Here is the first page....
Pet Seahorses are for everyone!! Yipee! These Lucky little pets are for 400 gems in the Underwater Pet Shop!
 There are two new shops in Jamaa...

I am really upset about the first shop...
Everyone is going up there! There is a new glitch that allows all animals to fly up there. It makes me upset because it defeats the purpose of the Royal Ridge Shop. I know many people without Eagles won't agree with me, but I am standing up for what I believe in. I mean AJHQ is being fair, he just gave nonmembers another pet, and this time underwater! 
 Anyway, after my little rant, here are the items being sold...
They are really royal and unique items! Pawesome ^-^
The other new den shop underwater is in the Deep Blu where that empty cave used to be...
 The Sunken Ship and Lost Ruins dens are being sold here.
Some bad news...
 Yes, Pandas are now going to travel like the giraffes and rhinos are right now. Lets hope when they travel, giraffes or rhinos come back!
The Lucky Party is really heating up...
Ooh! It has almost been confirmed that Greely is alive! Cool! I wonder if this new adventure will be with Eagles or not.
 Brady has some new exotic pets...
Pawesome new Lucky Items are coming our way! I bet those are Clover Balloons and a Lucky Tuxedo.
The Epic Wonder Den Shop has released Graham Dolls... 
 Wow! It is for nonmembers, so that is a good thing!!! Unfortunately, the Liza Dolls have vanished from the stores, so are they rare now...
I guess everything Panda-Related is going traveling XD
The Jam Mart Furniture Store has released Clover Chairs....
This makes a perfect chair for your Lucky Clover Table.
Jammer Central has released a new calendar....
Pest Control is x2 Gems!

Comment Call: Vote one jammer art!
Fuzzy Wingedfriend & Fuzzy Snowy Fox are eliminated!
Jammer Art added to the Art Mini Blog!
Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. first!!
    my real comment is i really like the new update. Also i vote arctic wolf top right out-dynomite975

  2. I vote out Mythical Artic Rose. Great Job though! -blurmercer03

  3. Mythical Arcticrose.


  4. I also think that the new adventure WILL be for eagles, saying as there is an island only eagles can get to and a sign with an eagle face pointing to it.

    I'm a bit exited for it, saying as I have an eagle, but what about every other member that would want to play that didn't want to waste their diamonds on an eagle just for an adventure, might be really disappointed.


  5. The green and white arctic wolf in the right top corner.
    -Mythical Arcticrose (Ambert)

  6. I vote Rosy Icypaw. Sorry. ~Litttlebunny21885

  7. i vote out Mythical Artic Rose nice outfit though!!!

  8. Mythical arcticrose -KingstonShepard

  9. It's amazing how common store items can become rare in an instant and players constantly bother everybody about rare items out of stores. This will become popular like the magenta furry hat I believe.

  10. Cool! I vote out the Arctic Wolf in the top right corner... SORRY!!! You just have no clothes on! You might now have any but... Sorry!

  11. Arctic Wolf on top row.

  12. luv <3 the update!!!!!!!!
    i am a nm and now i have seahorses and a ship den and now i can fly in coral canyons!!!!!!!

  13. If AJHQ makes the next adventure for eagles only, I will leave AJ for a moth. ):(


  14. Hi! I found something real intresting... In Mt. Shiveer, the cave is ooening a little more! I know alot of you don't care but I just found out! Its the seal cave. Do you think there will be an underground land? Does Harper live there? Is that where Greely is? Who knows! Tell me your ideas :) --Ambert :3

  15. Hey guys! I view this blog too, it needs more views to be featured on my channel. Keep up the good work! -Julian2

  16. Mythical arcticrose


  17. Arctic Wolf, sorry. I like the colors, I just think you should add clothes. :)

  18. If other Jammers are going up there, that is good. They only put that store up there, so thr people will BUY diamonds, and then get an eagle to go up there. What a rip off.

  19. i want to be safe incredible arctic wolf becoz shes cool.

    i vote out little magic fox.

    new to this great blog


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