Friday, March 21, 2014

Sailor Hats

Hello Jammers! The Bahari Bargains Shop has returned selling Sailor Hats....
Certainly, not a very popular item in most jammers eyes.
I was so excited about the update yesterday that I forgot to tell you all the new item! 
The new item in Sunken Treasures is a Pile of Treasure.....
Wow that is full of all Jamaa Currencies except tickets! It is full of gold bricks, gems, diamonds, and even a pearl necklace OuO  <--Freaky Smily Face

The Sarepia Theater has released a new video......

 The Daily Explorer posted an article about the newest adventure.....
That is a pretty pawesome graphic! I love this adventure it is like a big mystery!
AJHQ has released two new badges for jammers.....
The first one is a cheetah, and the second is a lion. There is a small glitch though, when you click the cheetah you get a lion badge, and when you click the lion you get a cheetah badge.

All items above are for nonmembers and they are all through the trading system. 
[Fox Hat, Heat Locket, Glove, Worn]
So you can't buy these items, but you can easily find them on others trade lists!

  • Search for Greely added to the Adventure Guide
  • Clearance Items have been added to the Clearance Tab
  • Giveaway prizes will be sent out later today so check your Jam-a-gram Mail!
  • Sky Scene Actors will be announced tomorrow!
  • The Blogiversary Party is Saturday 8:00 A.M. [AJ TIME]

Have fun and happy jamming!!

Comment Call: What has been your favorite Adventure so far and why?


  1. FIRST!!!!! That is my first time bein first!!! Omg

  2. You can also get all of those items in the hard mode of the adventures.

  3. I like the search for greely because it is challenging some other adventures are pretty easy but the search for greely gives you a challenge

  4. I personally like the search for greely because it is super interesting and it has a great story and mystery. It's also not as easy as other adventures. I also like the great escape because I like the different levels
    Live, laugh, and love huskies

  5. I like The Search For Greely. Its interesting and very challenging. I went with my friend on it yesterday and we were both exploring everything and having a great time! We also got turned into phantoms :3


  6. congrats too all the peeps that won!
    scooter i also like the outfit idea very modest XD OuO

  7. Underwater items just aren't really popular...

  8. Hey scooter! What for the phantom plush from the last giveaway?

  9. Scooter,
    First I would like to thank you for the prize. It came as a complete shock that i would even win anything! I may just keep it forever or give it to my brother.
    Also, for clothing ideas my tiger has a nice black and red design that looks nice and most items are easily obtained.

  10. I really want to be in a video it would be cool. Can I be jammer for April, I love to fool ppl on April fool's day!

  11. Oh and thx cuddly7 ur really nice to say that!

  12. I think the cheetah one looks more realistic


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