Sunday, March 30, 2014

French Fried

Hey Jammers! The New Item once again is probably being sold in the April Fools Party.
Yesterday's new April Fools Item was a (French) Fry Hat........
Looks like you might get a stain on your clothes when wearing this new item! Here is a little joke to go along with the new item:
What kind of monkeys like French Fries?

Potatochimps! ^o^
The Daily Explorer posted an article about the moon.....
 See if you can see the moon from the Sol Arcade ^-^

This Week in Jamaa's History 2 years ago.....
Octopuses came to Jamaa's Oceans! How exciting!!
Also this week....
The Horses Only Party was introduced!
Other events this week:
The Hot Cocoa Machines were the Monthly Membership Gift
The Spring Egg Hunt Started
New Sarepia Forest Journey Book
The Pet Game "Disc Toss" Was new
Custom Jam-A-Gram Chat was now available

Click above to see the newest issue!

**Attention Actors**
Can we agree and try to record April 1st @ 5:00 AJ TIME? Comment if this works, and if it doesn't when?

Have fun and happy jamming!!

Comment Call: What is your favorite type of French Fry (Waffle, Crinkle, straight, etc.)


  1. hey scooter the french fried hat loos kinda weird is that gease dripping?
    also the blue the monkey is awesome i wonder f remy got jealous from hiss
    P.S. i like your jokes

  2. I like the crinkle French fries the best !
    I kind of don't like the French friend hat it's a little funny
    I have a member / non member outfit
    Bunny coloured yellow
    Cheese hat yellow
    Cream worn
    That was the non member idea
    Now the member one
    Yellow coloured bunny
    Yellow cheese hat
    Cream worn
    Leaf necklace cream
    Leaf amour cream
    It's a fun outfit idea for April fools

  3. I like steak fries and when do we know who the jammer of the month is? Please be my friend littlebunny21885

    1. We will find out the Jammer of the Month on April 1st, 2014!


  4. Love your new header! And for he French fry thing... It depends

    1. And... I miss the old Jamaa Journals.

  5. Why are they called French fries? O.o
    Chips (as I and the British call 'em) aren't French...

  6. yes april 1st 5:00 should work for me!


  7. American Fries


  8. I like strate French fries XD


  9. Do you like waffles? Ya we like waffles! Do you like pan cakes? Ya we like pan cakes! Do you like French toast? Ya we like French toast! Get it get it gotta get a mouth full. I don't know why I did this

  10. Milkshake ha is the new item, scooter.

  11. For the This Week segment, you put two years ago but I think it is one year ago.

    1. Nope, it was back in 2012, which is 2 years ago! Thanks for checking :)


  12. Hey Scooter this is for the discover day on tuesday

    Did you know?
    When u play hard mode on the return of the phantoms,below the bunny borrow there is a treasure right?but beside that is there is another to treasure!! :D
    It's very simple you have to go below Cookie then when u go behind the trees and stepped on the flowers you will hear a sound and then click on the treasure then you will get 400 gems
    If you already knew this one,please no negative replies :)

    1. Thanks for a great idea, but I did know that ;D I love suggestions though, so keep it up!!


  13. Hi Scooter, Dietcherry here! I have dance from 3:00-4:00 ON April 1st, I am so sorry! Can we do it at 6:00 instead? I REALLY want to be in it, but if it's at 5:00 then I cant make it:( Thank you for understanding!


    p.s. I LOVE the French fry hats!

    1. Hi Dietcherry! I will ask everyone's opinion on tomorrow's post!


  14. Hey Jammers I just wanna tell you this
    How?:He will tell you to Jam-a-gram you a rare then he will send you a super rare
    Pls look out for him don't fall for his many tricks many jammers already fell for it
    ~Peace OUT XD
    Happy April Fools XP


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