Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Fossilized" Tooth Necklace

Welcome all animals of Jamaa!
The new item being sold in Bahari Bay is a Fossilized Tooth Necklace....
That is strange... it used to be called "Shark Tooth Necklace". It sounds smarter :) 
There used to be a glitch with this item, but AJHQ has fixed it, so that the tooth doesn't turn black!

The Brady Theater has released a new video.....

The Daily Explorer has posted two new articles!
I suggest watching this fun Creature Feature video.
 The second article is very interesting....
As many of you know, yesterday Animal Jam was offline for some hours. AJHQ blamed the pesky phantoms for glitching Jamaa. A lot of jammers were outraged by this news, but don't worry, Animal Jam is back on and running! With this "update" tons of glitches have started popping up around jamaa. We will be featuring all of these glitches on Saturday for Glitch Corner! So if you find glitches, you can be featured on the blog, just send an email of a photo of the glitch with your username to

This week's Epic Sky Den is from bkcrazies0's den with there idea of a Greely Corner!!
Congrats, they have been added to the Epic Sky Den Hall of Fame!

The winner of yesterday's Discover Day was snowleopardcubs, congrats your mini-prize was a Freedom Astronaut Helmet!
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Comment Call:  Silverbird brought it to my attention that the Mystery Emporium has new music, so go listen to this alien like music. Do you like it or do you like the old tunes?


  1. They didn't blame anything on the phantoms. They were just kidding, and if they did, then there's nothing to it, since Animal Jam has its own world, so why can't we blame the enemy for stuff like this?

    1. hi! 3berrygirl again! i really want to know you scooter! i'm obviously 3berrygirl
      i have commented on your blog and i like how your blog is always the early bird!
      can you buddy me? i'm currently non-member but i'm going to ask for a membership soon! thanks! Anyway don't you get it?????? fossilized tooth necklace and the dinosaur from mystery monday? it might thaw after all!
      probably not though. but we never know do we... -winks- XD

    2. Hi 3berrygirl! Thanks for being a loyal follower of the Animal Jam Sky Blog! If you send me a buddy request I may or may not have room. Thanks!


  2. thnx for the prize scooter
    i like the greely corner den
    i wonder whats the update

  3. I cant believe this glitch, animal jam has an ad thats nothing related to it, saying save your money on online shopping!
    Ugh. Stupid liars. is aj scamming itself?

  4. I hope with the update giraffes come back... Also I have a idea for a shop but I think it's stupid...

  5. it is REALLY anoying that the rhinos and giraffes havent come back ):( they might as well just take them away........... the greely den is so COOL!!!!!!!!! i have something like dat 2 :D it is an and advaenture section XD feel free 2 check it out XD


  6. I really like the old one. This new music gives me headaches. I call these symptoms Chamber Vibes.

  7. I like the old music because the new one sound likes a UFO . I have a day of of school today as the teachers are on strike . Yay
    A very happy blueberryb

  8. The new music in the Mystery Emporium is what I like better.


  9. OhmiGOSH! Thank you so much for featuring my den! I have snice edited it and only changed the dresser to a bookcase for the greely/phantom corner.
    If anyone wants to see the rest of my den I will always keep it open for anyone to see/visit.

  10. I think I liked the old music better. Congrats to the winner of discovery day! Great post scooter!


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