Thursday, March 20, 2014

Search for Greely + Winner

Happy Spring everyone! Today is update day!
Here is the first page of this Adventure-Filled Jamaa Journal.....
Here is a slideshow of Adventure Pictures Below:
Here is one of the prizes:
If you have a prize please send them to

I hope everyone bought a Panda, if you didn't just read the awesome new banners around Jamaa to read about species!

Lots of cool new videos

The April Fools Party is one of the most Fun parties in Jamaa since it is upside-down!!

The Jammer Central Calendar is updated....
Pill Bugs is worth x2 gems for the next 2 weeks!
There is also a new Jam-A-Gram....

The Winner of the Animal Jam Sky Blog's Lucky Day Fashion Show is..........
Congrats! Thanks for everyone who entered the show, it was fun!
I will send you a prize soon!!

The Jamaa Journal has been added to the Sky Archive!
Jammer Art posted on the Art Mini Blog

Giveaway prizes will be sent out tomorrow!
Sky Scene Actors will be released on Saturday's Post!
Have fun and happy Spring!


  1. Replies
    1. Btw this is randotigers. U guys probably don't know me but i LOVE Scoote's blog. Great post!

  2. Same here why is there no comment call you always have it.

  3. Can't wait for the adventure!!! Well I have to wait till the weekend :( but oh well :D

  4. Animal jam updates every two weeks on every Thursday. You could maybe say that tomorrow :3


  5. We'll done incredible
    Love the new update the adventure is great

  6. My dog died its horrible every day without my dog it stinks a lot he's gone forever:( stovetop

    1. Your dog will always be with u though :) think of good thoughts. Sorry for your loss though :(

  7. scooter if I do win the legend glove, being a nm I can't get it till Saturday or if I win anything for that point...

  8. Wow! Thanks everyone who voted for me! I can't believe I won! I love fashion shows! They are so much fun!
    Can't wait to play the new adventure......why wait! I'll do it now!
    Cheers everyone!
    ~ Krazycanuck81

    1. Congrats! XD

  9. Wat do u get 4 winning? XD


  10. The top right is phantom vines, the top middle is a small phantom pod, and the left bottom is the greely sign. I don't know the others but they are probably gems

    1. Oh, the top left chest is a phantom goop thing that sticks on the wall. And the bottom right chest is 1000 gems


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