Saturday, March 22, 2014

Peck Dolls + Actors

Welcome Jammers!!
The New Item in Epic Wonders is a Nesting Peck Doll.....
Isn't that so cute ^o^
The Aquarium has released a new video....

The Daily Explorer posted an article about Octopuses....
Remember to buy an Octopus in Jamaa for 1,000 gems!

The week's Glitch Corner is sent to us by Sarah. It looks like there was a mix up of two dens in one! The top photo shows an original nonmember den with some Fantasy Castle features. The picture below Shows how the wallpapers and items are just all mixed up!
Thanks for sending in your glitch!

The Pawty is today......

Today I will be announcing the Sky Scene Actors:
Katnissthewolf - CHEETAH
lol89762 - HORSE 
Dietcherry - PANDA 

If you have been chosen as an Actor/Actress please comment a time you are available below:
Today @ 2:00 AJ TIME
March 24th @ 5:00 AJ TIME
March 27th @ 5:00 AJ TIME

Have fun and happy jamming!!

Comment Call: What is your favorite nesting doll so far?


  1. First comment! creepersoftthenethter framed me for being a scammer and a hacker!:( please report and block him


    1. Well, what did you do that made him frame you?
      He's a scammer catcher, you know...

    2. Hello coolpapa70232, I did indeed frame yo. Not without reason though, a few days ago, you said I had no life outside of Aj. So I trolled you saying my brother made the den that got featured on this blog. You are now framing me as an imposter in your "newspaper", and as I say, never make a soup you won't eat yourself, so, if you stop framing, I stop framing you, toddles :DDDDDD

  2. Yes! I'm an actor ! ^.^
    Ok I might come to the party if I am not going to leave to the ballet.
    Lol :3

  3. hey scooter i had a big test yesterday and i'm all stressed out when i log on animal jam i will make a donation for u k? (plushies right?)

  4. Oh yes, March 27th I am available.

  5. anytime this week i can not because i am going to a another state and we have no internt there -i know its sad lol- so i choose other. i would say if i can use wifi well i am there i will try to check the blog for more info!

    1. oh and i forgot i might not go to the party either.... well see


  6. I can't wait til the party. I never really been to an official party before. The only other one i went to was Lilacpetal's party.

  7. my fav is PECK!!!!!!! i love the big EARS :D:D:D:D and she is FAV alpha XD then Greely :D:D:D:D:D:D


  8. Omg Katniss congrats (shes my buddy btw)

  9. My favorite doll in graham

  10. In the future, can you make your parties a little later in the day? I live in the Pacific time zone, and 7:00 am is a little early for a Saturday morning. Plus, my computer doesn't even let me on till 7:30. I woke up at 8:00 am Pacific time or nine am mountain time. In the future, plz try to remember people in the pacific time zone, and of course Asia. People in Asia would have had the party in the wee hours of the morning..
    Thanks for your consideration,

  11. Cool glitch! Glitches are one of the best parts about AJ for some reason...

  12. my favorite nesting doll so far is the peck doll(She is creative that's why) -bunnycute39

  13. Can I come on AJ right now and come talk to you? Thank you for choosin me as the panda!! ~Dietcherry


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