Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Underwater Flower

Hi Jammers! Today's new item is the second item on the Sunken Treasures Catalog! It is underwater flowers...

There is also a new video in the Sarepia Theatre...

The Daily Explorer posted an Epic Den of the Week...
Congrats, Fabulous Funnymonkey!

Remember today is the last day to submit your News Crew Articles...

There is no blog news for today! Take note that I will have a party once the Animal Jam Sky Blog has 15,000 views. I am doing the second skymail video TODAY, so send in last minute questions! Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. I luv the new slide show feature!!!!!!

  2. Check out my blog, Scooter?

    1. I really like your blog! It looks like mine.

  3. Thanks, I know it looks copied, but it's not. Sorry DX


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