Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Freedom Rabbit Plushies

Hi Jammers! Today's new items are the two freedom rabbit plushies, sold at the Summer Carnival......
Tomorrow is official Freedom Day, who is excited!?!

The Daily Explorer posted an Epic Den of the Week...
Congrats, Fuzzy Spiritclaws!!

New Code

There was a new code that came out yesterday! The code is:  kangaroo   
You will receive 500 gems! Thanks AJHQ!

Speaking of AJHQ here are some Advertisments that they have posted...
Thank you coolpaw5!!! 

Blog News

  • Animal Quiz OVER! Congrats, Wolflover12203 for winning! To see your score go to the Contests Tab
  • Last Day to Vote on the Adventures Poll
  • Sky Blog Reporters Mini Blog is under construction
 Have fun and happy jamming!


  1. 1st comment!

    Btw this is a pawsome blog!
    I am also amazed that i won the contest! :D i was so happy when i saw the jamagram and my prize! Thanks so much! Happy Jamming!


  2. Heya Scooter
    How did you make your tabs in that design? Also how did you make the replies to the comments different colours?
    Just wondering!

    1. Tabs come with every design. When you choose a design they change. And about the different color comment...i really don't know! ^-^ I was just playing around with the customize feature! :)


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