Monday, July 22, 2013

Rare Baseball Cleats

Hi Jammers! Today's new rare item Monday is sold in the Jam Mart Furniture on the 5th page. It goes with the last R.I.M. and it is Rare Baseball Cleats....
AJHQ really like the colors blue and purple!!!!
The Daily Explorer posted an article about the rare cleats today...

Buy yours today!

Secret of the Week

Did you see this yesterday...
Jamaaliday Jam!?! I remember when AJHQ did this last year. It was called "Christmas in July." This only goes on for a couple of days. So get those snowflakes, reindeer, snowman, and much more! I noticed the Jamaaliday Jam is going on today too!

Mystery of the Week

We all know that a new land is 99% coming on this Thursday! Some wonder where on the map will the new land appear. We here is an helpful image below....
The Areas marked in white are the possible new land areas
The Areas with an X are not the new land because they are underwater
So that means the numbered Areas are possible locations

What area seems more likely for kangaroos to live? On the kangaroos gift cards it shows a grassland with water. What land do you want to see? What features in the land do you want to see? What stores and secrets will come with a new land?

Blog News

As most of you know I celebrated my birthday yesterday on Animal Jam and I would just like to say thank you everyone who sent gifts and celebrated my birthday in my den with me!!

  • The Awesome Jammer Art Tab and the Sky Art Mini Blog is now combined into one!
  • Tunnel Town Tab under construction
  •  Skymail #3 will be videoed today! 
Thanks again! Have fun and happy jamming!!!


  1. interesting topics today on this blog


      by the way i think that the new land will be number 1 just becuase it is the biggest

  2. Nice! Not a lot of people came to your den tho. I got a white dragon glove and a phantom necklace for a tail that was sold in the diamond shop O.o

    1. Actually a lot of people came to my den and passed through to say Happy Birthday. It was all day long so jammers came at different time. And that was a cool trade :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oh well, I missed your party. But happy birthday!

  4. Meh. Cheesewedge here!
    Haha just waiting for your new post cuz I can't sleep!


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