Thursday, July 11, 2013

Adventures for All

Hi Jammers! Today there is an small adventure update. First the new item is a new sand palace...

Also there is a new diamond symbol above the diamond shop on the map.....

The first page of the Jamaa Journal shows another phantom adventure...


7 Million is a lot of phantoms ^-^ Congrats!

I can't wait till the next update!!

I also can't wait for this app! We have been waiting for this news!

 This adventure is so fun!! You get to go in a crystal cavern, help monkeys, help the alphas and Mira, and defeat phantom webbing! Here are some pictures:
Bridge is fixed :)
Phantom Webbing

New Feature
Monkeys on Mira Statue

Secret of the Week

Here is another secret place you can find below the new adventure at the Adventure Base Camp...

Here is your weekly calendar...

And Phantom's Treasure is double gems this week...

Blog News

The first Skymail video is complete! Thank you so much to make this possible....

The results of the Rate this Blog Poll:
I am glad you like my blog :D
I will post the new adventure video with all the prizes tomorrow. Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. 1st comment HAHA I just played the adv. and it was totally awwwwesome!!!

    1. Yeah it is! But it is a lot harder than the first one :D!

  2. So there's a new adventure and nonmembers can play too???

  3. OMG
    I am soooo excited!!!!
    I'm going to go on AJ right now to play the new Adventures game :O

  4. Where is the sand palace? I am trying to find it for my waterpark den and its not in the den shops! Where can I find it?


    1. It is an underwater item sold in Sunken Treasures


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