Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gold Ring

Hi Jammers! The new item is a member gold ring sold in Epic Wonders, but it is a bit more expensive than the silver nonmember ring....
Do you think there will be a bronze one?
The Daily Explorer posted a News Crew Assignment about Adventures...

Blog News

The Photo Contest is over! Thanks to everyone who participated! Here is the winning photo...
I like this photo because it shows jammers working together! Have you ever noticed that the drum glows, peck runs around, and peck statues rise from the ground when a lot of bunnies jump on the drum?
  • 3 new techniques added to the Scammers Tab
  • New Art posted on the Sky Art Mini Blog
  • New Countdown for Tunnel Town 
  • Last Day to vote on the Dislike Poll
That's it for today. It is nice to have a normal sized post after two days of long posting! Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. #1 COmment!! lolz #awesome #coolpost

  2. Scooter can i plz plz trade you for green alpha stone? My fav color is green and i have gotten is a phantom pipe!

    1. Well, I only have one, but to get one all you have to do is play the new adventure and choose the second present!

  3. Oh wow thanks Scooter!!!
    I'm trying to collect a lot for my den!

  4. OOO I just noticed that the bunny who is black and white on the side is me when I was still a nonmember not ver long ago!!!


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