Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Paw Print Vase

Hello everyone! The new returning item is in the Furniture Shop, it is a paw print vase....

The Daily Explorer posted two helpful articles.....

I hope everyone got one!

Glitch Corner

Once again, the pop-up box glitch has happened to me! This time is was with the smoothie machine at the Summer Carnival...

This also happens with Falling Phantoms, the claw, etc.

Secret of the Week

Has this every happened to you? It hasn't happened to me! This gift from AJHQ was given to cinnamonroll12 and he says that it popped up when he logged in. He also says that he hasn't logged in for a long time! So I think that it is a welcome back present...

Blog News

  • Skymail video will be posted July 11th! Last minute questions can still be sent to chocolate4050
  • LaSalle posted on the Alphas Tab
  • Last Day to vote on the "Rate this Blog" poll
That's it for today! There should be an update soon. Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. :O ! That happened to my old beta storage account when I logged on a few months ago! I got a green dragon glove from AJHQ!! I felt really confused at first, lol

  2. a couple times i have gotten random gems, like 1,500, i don't know why


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