Monday, July 8, 2013

Rare Kelp Skirt and Skymail

Hi Jammers! Today's new item is underwater on the first page of Bahari Bargains, it is a Rare Kelp Skirt...
Most people don't like underwater items. I think more jammers should hang out underwater because it is getting kind of empty.
Anyway, the Daily Explorer posted a cool article about holidays....
If you notice there are more holidays than what is listed! There is an Fool's Day, an AJ Birthday Party, and a New Years Party (which goes along with the Jamaalidays).
The Name of the New Land Poll is over, here are the results:
Outlook Outback is a pawesome name!

Blog News

In other big news I am starting Mailtime!!! Details below:
Click to Enlarge
**You may also ask me questions in the Jam-A-Grams!!!!!**
Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. Cool!!!!!!!!!! I have to email you about something AWESOME!


  2. Ooh mail time :D -andrewj04-


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