Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Skinny Paw Print Vase and Rumors

Hey Sky Jammers! The new returning item is another beta paw print vase, except this one is a bit skinny...

The Daily Explorer posted two articles. One is about the Epic Den of the Week...
Congrats Snowflake Clevermaster

The other article is an interesting section about glitches! Notice I underlined two sentences...
Click to Enlarge
So AJHQ has admitted they know about skyways and other fun glitches! Cool ^-^

Secret of the Week

AJHQ has also made an announcement yesterday! Here it is...
Some of may not know how to do the RAINBOW POTION! So here are step-by-step instructions:

1. Click each color 3 times!

3. Choose any Potion Bottle!
2. Click the Fire 3 times!

Rumor Reader

I have two rumors for you all today! The first is about spikes! It has been going around that spikes are going to be the next Rare Item Monday. I am here to tell you that nobody knows 100%. It might be the next R.I.M. or maybe not at all. Some might get upset and some will get excited. We will just wait and fund out!

The second rumor is exciting for Americans! Here is a letter by AJHQ...

Luckily for American Jammers, Kangaroo Membership Gift Cards are coming to select GameStops in the weeks to come. Isn't that awesome? Right now, they are only available at EB Games in Australia and New Zealand. We have decided to let them have one of our gift cards first, because American Jammers were always the first to get them. Also, Animal Jam is not very popular in Australia and New Zealand, and we wanted more Jammers from there to get the party started with Animal Jam!
-From the AJHQ Team-
*Animal Jam Jammeree*

No Blog News today! Just a normal day :) Have fun and happy jamming!

Today's the last day to send me Skymail! (Questions/Gifts will be in a video)


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