Thursday, July 4, 2013

Freedom Snake Plushies

Hey Jammers! Happy Independence Day!
Like everyone at least once I am going on vacation! Don't worry I will be back on Sunday. So that means I probably won't be able to post Friday and Saturday! I do not know if there is wifi for my Ipad or not. For a list of blogs to view while I am gone click here!

The new items are freedom snake plushies...
Wow! They are both nonmember!These are available at the plushie booth at the Summer Carnival!

The Daily Explorer posted more Awesome Jammer Art which I posted on the Awesome Jammer Art Tab!

Blast to the Past

The blast to the Past today are the Alphas! They have all changed in looks, don't you think?

Blog News

The Adventures Poll has ended and here are the results:
It seems like most of you are enjoying the adventures so far!
Well so remember no posts tomorrow or Saturday! I will do one late Sunday! There was no update today, so there might be one while I am gone. Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. Also u forgot to say its Independence day! Happy 4th of July!


  2. Scooter! I'm putting your blog up onto my blog page: Pawsome Blogs. Would anyone like to comment down below their blog on the page? Thank you! :3

  3. you have a pawsome blog im putting yours in my other blogs page =D

  4. Anyway, isnt this one of the best blogs u've ever seen?


    Btw its clean, neat, wonderful!

  5. Thanks so much for posting my blog on other sites! And thanks for the compliments!!

  6. Scooter I LOVE your blog I just started looking at it today like 5 minutes ago and I already LOVE it!

    1. Thanks so much! That makes me feel great!


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