Monday, July 15, 2013

Rare Baseball Cap

Hello Jammers, today is Rare Item Monday! This weeks rare item is sold in the Jam Mart Furniture Store. It is a Rare Baseball Cap....
Sold on the ninth page and a bit expensive!
I know a lot of jammers are happy and some are sad that the spikes never came out today. Earlier we talked about a spike rumor that they were going to be the Rare Item Monday. They are not this week, but it doesn't mean they still can't in weeks to come. Anyway, the Daily Explorer posted another Adventures article...

Have any of you got a buddy request using their username? I did yesterday...
Usually it is their name (Example: Scooter Thewolf) I wonder if they are switching up things!?!

Blog News

The Least Favorite Poll is over..
I did this because I needed to get rid of a tab so I would vote on your least favorite!
That's all for today! Oh and I will have a party once the Animal Jam Sky Blog gets 15,000 views which is soon! Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. Nice rare baseball cap. I like the colors. Should I get u 1 so u don't waste you're gems?

    1. No! That's fine! I have plenty of gems :) Thanks for the offer!

  2. Can someone send me a rare baseball cap? i need it for my outfit. i am kitcat9988.

    Thx :3


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