Saturday, December 28, 2013

Snow Shovel

Jamaa News

Welcome Jammers! The Jam Mart Furniture Store has came out with a completely new is a Snow Shovel...
It is even nonmember! This is a great item to shovel out your front driveway.
The Daily Explorer posted a News Crew article...
The New Years Party 2014 is now available in the Party Tab...
Can't wait!!!

Glitch Corner

After an adventure, 67gumball had this glitch happen to her. 1. She disappeared.  2. There are 4 other jammers.  3.The map is a map of the Adventure Base Camp.  Cool glitch... if this ever happens to you just refresh the page.

Sky News

Congrats flippy3141, for winning yesterday's Discover Day.
New poll on the right column! Remember it is a segment I will replace!
Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. Yay! I won! I didn't know what the "touch pool" was, so I put down both of my guesses :D

  2. there is more to the glitch well i need to level up go on the training grounds for gems and stuff and there is like 20 other jammers a map i was invisable and there is game icons everywhere and when u go to the icon that u click to see how many jammers u are playing with and there was no one! and no matter where i go i cant see them its kinda fun


  3. I just found this blogger and it is cute and fun. ovo <-- owl :3

  4. I had this weird glitch today. There was lemonade free-floating in my den! What was even weirder was that no one was there and my den was locked. - Hawkeyex

    1. ya its weird it can happen with popcorn,smoothies all that stuff!


  5. Congrats, flippy3141!~

    Scooter, there have been some people....."commenting"....bad things on your blog. Will you make a post telling people to stop? It REALLY bothers me, and I really don't feel comfortable reading your posts when a big long thing of "f bombs" are at the bottom of the page. Thanks, and your awesome!

    -LOVE the snow shovel!



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