Thursday, December 19, 2013


Jamaa News

Hey Jammers! Great Jamaa Journal today! The first page is about Greely's Inferno...

There is a little rock video portal thing to watch a short video about Greely's Inferno. Here are some snapshots:

Yes! Graham is in this adventure!!!! Woo! hoo!
 Introducing Cosmo's Den! You can now own his den available in the diamond shop...
I only need 1 more diamond to buy it...
It looks so cool! And there are are new items in the Jamaaliday Jam Party...
Yes, that is Mira and Zios! 
 Pet Reindeer are still avaliable...
 There are tons of new items in Treetop Gardens...
See the Lit Deer Topiary? I love it!
Jump is available for everyone...
 More Advertisements...

 The New Years Party will be coming soon....
I can't wait to see the cool things of 2014!!
The new items are shown below...
Bow on Make A Gif
Candy Stocking in the Jam Mart Furniture Store, and the Jamaaliday Bow in the Jam Mart Clothing Store.

The Jamaaliday Gift is a Marshmallow Chair!
Here is the Calendar..
There is a new Jam-A-Gram....
There is also a new video in Brady's Theater...

Sky News

Awesome Jammer Art posted on the Art Mini Blog
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Comment Call: Like the update?


  1. @gingercat congrats for 1st comment!! gives platnum trophy (platnum is better than gold)now my comment is SECOND yeah the best 4 me! lol now at zee end of the adventure greely might of DIED O.o

  2. OMG! I luv the update, but i wish the den was nm....

  3. I really like the update! Wish the den was for NMs, like someone already said. The marshmellow chair AGAIN? Aj, stop repeating jammaliday gifts. I used to have like 3 of these, and someone was about to trade something rare for them. Now, my life is ruined X3 Just kidding! But seriously..
    Well, gotta go, so peace out and happy jamming!

  4. Hey Guys!I'm new here!
    BTW my name is QwERtyZY
    I am from the blog named animal jam frozen
    It was now been closed by violet2sweet she has quitted aj forever
    I now found this website while i was clicking around xD
    I know i will make new friends here
    Happy Jamming!!

    1. Welcome QwERtyZY! I am Scooter (owner of the blog). I hope you enjoy your visit!!



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