Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best of 2013 + Code

Jamaa News

Happy New Year's Eve! Sorry for a semi-late post. I was working hard on this post ^-^ The new item being sold in the Hot Cocoa Hut is a Knitted Sweater...
 There are all the colors. Brady's Theater released a new video...
 Here is an awesome new code provided be AJHQ:
This code is worth 500 gems! May I just add the Animal Jam Sky Blog is the only blog who noticed this new code ;)

Rumor Reader

Well, 2013 is officially over after today. It was a great year for Animal Jam. What do you think will come for 2014? Will there be more parties? More Adventures? More animals? More lands?

Sky News

Top 10 Animal Jam News of 2013:

1. The Diamond Shop
2. Adventures/Alphas
3. Kimbara Outback
4. New Animals (Deer, Cheetahs, Raccoons, Kangaroos)
5. Tunnel Town
6. Playing as Pets
7. Jump
8. Armor Sets
9. Birthstones
10. New Parties (3rd B-Day, Paradise Party, Jam Session)

Here are some highlights of Animal Jam from 2013:

Have fun and happy New Years!


  1. Wow first comment how cool! But never mind that. I love you Scooter, i love your blog!
    Happy New Year Scooter! You are the Best XD

  2. Hey Scooter I noticed tht code.


  3. How do get the music from Jamaa to play on your blog? I might do that for mine.

    1. Yeah! I kinda think its really cool how you put music on your blog, but HOW do you do it!? I would love to have music on my blog too!

    2. It is very easy use this website:
      to create your own music player. All you do is search music on Youtube and you can use it for music!


  4. Oh, 2013 was an AMAZING year for me. I hope it was for you guys too!

    Some of my highlights:
    1.Jump (the app)
    2.Play as your pet party
    3.New animals
    4.New land

    Hope you all have a great New Years! Peace out and happy jamming t'ill next year!


  5. Happy new year everyone! - Hawkeyex

  6. i go on movie star planet u can post forum and i found one thats aid goodbye 2013 we will miss u and i clicked it and people say it was a horrible year.. somone said ya i will remember it as the worst year ever they said there grandpa died i would say the same if that happened to me! poor her! oh and did u just forget the comment call? or did i miss update that said u stopped the comment call?

    lol89762 i read the blog daily

  7. Hey Scooter! I would like to audition for Jammer Of The Month!
    User: Ambert
    Reason: It would be an honor and I usually try to check the blog daily.
    Status: member
    Have a Happy New Year!


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