Monday, December 30, 2013

Rare Butterfly Wings

 Jamaa News

What's up Jammers? The Rare new Item Monday is Rare Butterfly Wings...
Nonmember and not pricey! Cool! I give it these scores out of 5...
Looks:   ***
Price:  *****
Jamaasian: **
The Daily Explorer posted an article about the New Year's Party...
Notice they reused last year's article because it still says 2013!
I got on the Epic Dens list ^-^
Wow! AJHQ 5 times (I am trying not to brag or sound mean.) If you want to be on the Epic Dens list see how here!

Mystery of the Week

Have you ever been here....
Where am I? Lets look at the map...
 O.O What the Mira! So this weeks mystery is about Canyons Pathway. What is the point of this pathway? It isn't even on the map! Why couldn't AJHQ just connect Coral Canyons and Crystal Sands? Is there a purpose? Dose is have any mysteries about it? Is there a secret cave? 

Comment Call: Solve this mystery. You can do a short story if wanted.

Sky News

Enough said. Are you excited? 
Videos Tab updated
Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. I think coral canyons and crystal sands own the same land? Or maybe beacuse their was no water betwin them its really the same land but seperated for a weird reason or animal jam wanted a smal place so if all the lands are full you would go their?

  2. i agree and the sign in coral canyons has a pitchure of crystal sands on and when go through the door way there your in the path way its a little weird why is there no sign that says to the pathway? oh and i would like to be jammer of the month because i trade fair i dont trick non members like i was tricked when i was new to aj. and i dont scam and i dont make a big deal when i see a scammer i just report them and block them :)
    --lol89762 sorry if this entry is a little late :I

  3. Ok, Can I enter for Jammer of the Month right now? If so, Here it is:
    User: Ambert
    Reason: I have never been Jammer of the Month and I would be happy to be one and I have never ever have wrote a mean comment. Also, Here is something funny:
    Imagine Agnes saying this like a zombie:
    She kisses my boo boos, she braids my hair, all you mothers are beyond compare, we love you mothers everywhere.

  4. That's crazy! My friend vallejos is on the epic den list! Thanks for the photos!

  5. Congrats on being on the Epic Dens List 5 times! :D - Hawkeyex


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