Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Garden, Crown, and Gems

Jamaa News

Season Greetings Jammers! The new item is in Bahari Bargains and it is a Candy Cane Crown...
Also, Epic Wonders has released its Gingerbread Gardens....
Spoiler! The 17th Jamaaliday Gift is 800 Gems....
800 Gems + the Weekly Diamond... Cool!
There is a new video in Sarepia Forest...
The Daily Explorer posted an article about the Rare Item...
Looks great on bunnies!!

Mystery of the Week

 In the Atlantis Party far below the sea there is a Greek underwater building...
Why are there lights? Is there another party? Who is down there? Is it Poseidon and Venus from the underwater seal statues? 
Comment Call: Who or what is in that building?

Sky News

There was a request by missdarlingjammer to post a picture of the Jamaaliday Bows...
Looks a lot like yesterday's new item Decorative Bow!
Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. First! But I wish animal jam gave our more than one diamond :/

    1. Wow i was going to say the samwthing

    2. They give you four diamonds a month, I think thats a pretty fair amount. :)

  2. joy to the world the lord has come lslalalaallalalalalalal

  3. I think that maybe Harper the seal Shawman could have something to do with the building.

  4. i have BOTH of those underwater statues!!!<>><><><<>

  5. I dunno, actually! Maybe there is some sort of special chest with a super are item inside? And if a bunch of people swim in circles around it, it will break the chest and we'll all get a rare? Just an idea:3Anyways, I really like the gingerbread garden. It's my favorite out of all the gardens.
    Don't ask me why, I don't know. XD Well got to go, peace out and happy jamming!

  6. hi thanks for posting a pic or though i am still a little confused on mondays post where the coment call was whats your fave rare some one said the jamliday 'rare' bow but thats not rare i thought that they men't rare bow and arrow! mabe i was wrong but thanks.............


  7. Where is the Jamaaliday Bow? I looked everywere! Has it not been sold yet? :)


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