Saturday, December 14, 2013

Reindeer Mask

Jamaa News

Hiya Jammers! The new item in the Jam Mart Clothing Store is Reindeer Masks...
RM on Make A Gif
Is it really a mask? Hmm...
Spoiler Alert! The 14th Jamaaliday Gift is 700 gems...

The Daily Explorer posted an article about Jump...
Click here to go to the official Jump website. 

Glitch Corner

Here is a glitch for you all to try!
You need to put mech wings on your reindeer. Next start to hop! Then all of the sudden a Jester hat shows on your head!! Whoa, weird!! 
If you have a glitch, send your ideas to

Sky News

This is today remember!
More Blogs Tab updated
Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. First comment! And by the way, does it need to be rare wings or any? And do they still sell them...? Also, i just got my membership back the other day. How do the diamonds work?...

    1. Every Tuesday members receive diamonds. ^.^ Hope this helped!

  2. Well Scooter, I know if u dance in chocolate, dance in ice wind, or near the lava in the wolfs only party, it will come quicker

  3. Im going to your party Scooter :3 I always feel its boring then someone has a parteh :P

  4. Scooter Im sorry but i might not show up for the party.. I am going to watch the nutcracker.. so can the party pls go for about 2 hours long so i can show up?

  5. hey who one the discovory day thing?

  6. man that party was awesome!!!!!!! i loved when u put on that music and somone said they thought there computer when insane!


  7. That was a fun party! Hope we can be blogger buddies on AJ. I had the best time ever just chatting with you! thanks again for the party!

    ~bkcrazies0 aka Spiritstone


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