Monday, December 16, 2013

Rare Wings and Bow

 *I have added Christmas Music to the Blog!*

Jamaa News

Welcome Jammers! The Rare Item Monday is being sold in the Jam Mart Clothing Store and it is Rare Jamaaliday Wings...
Available on the 3rd page! 
Spoiler Alert! The 16th Jamaaliday Gift is a Decorative Bow..
 Which didn't show up. It is actually a den item!
The Daily Explorer posted an article about the Enchanted Hollow Den...
Protect the Pets for hibernation and migration! ^-^

Sky News

I made an end-of-December Calendar for the Animal Jam Sky Blog...
So keep up with those events!
Speaking of events, here are the results of the poll...
Looks as though a lot of you like the newest Ice Armor!

Welcome Winter Estella to the AJSB Members!
I have added Christmas Music to the Blog!
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Comment Call: Favorite Rare Item?


  1. Yay 1st! I think my favoret rare item is a rare spike xd

  2. I JUST LOVE THE RARE WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I were a member again so I could get those..... Say, would someone buy an extra pair for me? I really REALLY RRREEEAAALLLYYY love them~ :3

    Also, can I be part of the AJSB Club? Pleaseie? XD Oh, and my favorite rare would have to be.... the rare bow&arrows from 2 jammalidays ago. (They're so cool) Well, anyways, Happy Jamming and peace out!


    1. To become a member of the AJSB, all you do is click Join this Site on the left column of the blog. Thanks!!


  3. My favorite rare is probably a Rare Viking Hat. I just think they are cool!

  4. YAAAAAY AJ USED MY SUGGESTION I SUGGESTED THOSE EXACTLY LIKE THAT THANKS AJ!~!!!~zipper787 no seriiously no kidding i did


    my fave rare is rare bow in purple and green..


  6. My favorite rare would be the Rare Yellow Spike Collar and Wristband. I just like gold and its as close as I can get and.. I JUST WANT ONE XDD

    ~Ambert :)

  7. The bow didn't show up on mine either.

  8. I love this bologna and can't wait untill the twenty fiirst it sparkels


  9. I think aj should make a contest or a mc donalds toy with three day member ship that would be cool


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