Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Years 2014 Party

Jamaa News

Hello Jamaasians! The Jam Mart Furniture Store has released Snowboards....
There is also a new video in Sarepia Theater...
The Daily Explorer posted an article about all the birthstones...
Did you collect them all? I managed to/ I hope you did too!

I went to the first 2014 New Years party! I made an exclusive tour of this awesome party...
There are some great new items too!

Den Designer

This den designer has a simple look, but still fun! All you do is choose a topiary, and dress it up. For example, I chose a deer and added ornaments, bells, and bows, then I placed some reindeer poop next to it. It is just a fun thing to do for outside decorations!

Sky News

Comment Call: Comment Below if you want to be Jammer of the Month!
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Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. I would like to be jammer of the month because I am a fun and caring jammer who reads this blog daily

  2. Hi Scooter, I was reading the Daily Explorer and it had an article on the new party. It said, "2013 is almost here, and there’s no better way to ring in the new year than with the all new New Year’s Party!" I think they meant to say 2014. ~Imagineadragon

    1. Actually they reused an old post from the New Years before.

  3. I would LOVE to be jammer of the month, because one time, I helped a New Jammer by giving him/her a tour of Jamaa, and showing him/her where everything is :D

  4. Oh my goodness! Love the den designer! I totally want to be a member to get that!:(

    Aww, is December done already? It feels like it was the first just yesterday...

    Jammer of the month? Oh, can I PLEASE be it? I <3 your blog SOOOOO much, it would mean the world if you picked me! I try to to comment everyday, answer questions, and tell you about all the other little things going on in Jamaa. I am nice to everyone, just ask any of my friends! I will participate in anything anyone asks me to do. Thank you so much for making this blog, by the way. I used to go to Snowyclaws, but now I go to you because your always on top of posting. :)

    I hope they make Skis for nms for the next item!(Im a Skiier:D)


  5. I would love to be jammer of the month. :3
    It would be so cool being up on your blog because I am a big fan. XD I have your blog up in my bookmarks.
    If anyone else REALLY wants to be jammer of the month... then I guess I don't have to be. It looks like many other people would love to be jammer of the month!
    I don't REALLY need to be jammer of the month because I have my own blog, Animal Jam Bloop ( funny name XD).
    I also change my animals look A LOT. XD
    I might want to be jammer of the month in February though. COOLIO!
    ~ m0nkeygirl6

  6. Thanks for posting the advertisement! :)

  7. I was LOVE to be jammer of the month! please consider! I am saganlucy, and my preferred animal to show would be Incredible Toughcat, the mascot of my blog,!

  8. I want to be jammer of the month!

    User: Dawr

  9. i would like to jammer of the month, everyone is saying why sooo i guess here is my way: am funny, silly, nice.. :U
    am metaknight628...

  10. oh i forget to say good luck to others sorry ^-^

  11. I'd like to be jammer of the month! im kinda new to the blog so idk what to say but a prize seems cool :3

  12. I would like to be the Jammer of the Month! Good luck to everyone who enters! - Hawkeyex

  13. I would like to be Jammer of the I read your blog everyday and it's the first thing I do in the morning. :) I plan on giving away all my member items to new members, and my non member items to non members once I quit animal jam (in a few months maybe because I have a membership right now) I hope I win because I think I'm a good example :) If I can't win, I hope my friend tomboychick721 wins because she's my best friend and she's the nicest person. She stands up for nonmembers and members when they're getting picked on. She herself is a nonmember! But really she's an awesome friend :)

  14. Hi jammers, I hope you have a good New Year 2014! :)


    1. I hope that 2014 is better than 2013! Well 2013 had a good ending. :) - Hawkeyex

  15. good luck to all those that want to be jammer of the month

  16. user:yeoh123
    reason:i NEVER scam i am very smart i'm very kind and caring i love making new friends and i lovr this blog ^.^

  17. bigsis9270:
    I would love to be please I am a great friend and I think you are so amazing at blogging you are my role model I love this blog to!

  18. Could I be Jammer of the Month? Sorry I don't comment more often as I am busy. But I view your blog everyday!

  19. Hey jammers this is phantomfighter333 here and this is a short blog about some great times i have had in the year 2013.Please enjoy!

    Easter is a great time as we all know as we get yummy chocolates from family and friends but things in jamaa get very intresting as well. This year we had the egg hunt!The egg hunt is an activity that can be enjoyed by all jammers member and non-member which makes it allthe better. In the egg hunt you have to find eggs Around jammer of various animals and if you find every animal you win and exclusive prize the egg basket in which cute baby animal hatch out of eggs when you click on them and every so often a phantom! Eggcellent.

    Another holiday i enjoyed was freedom day. There was the freedom day party where you could observe fireworks and have a picnic. At the freedom day party shop there was many red,white and blue items to collect even fireworks!I had a blast.

    There was a time when jammers dressed in there best spooky outfits to scare phantoms away and a time to play. Yep halloween.I dressed in my spookiest outfit and tried my best to scare the phantoms away. It was easy to dress my best because the jamaa shops had many spooky items foruour animal and your den. Scary.

    A carnival for a season now what could that be? The summer carnival of course! The summer carnival was an epic party that was on all the time there shops sold betas such as lollipop necklaces,pet plush and much more. One problem was that you couldn't buy these items with gems you had to earn tickets by playing special carnival games or trading your gems for tickets. Thats what i call fun in the sun.

    My favorite time in the year was the jamaalidays. Every day i. The jammalidays you where gifted from aj hq themselves an epic hift such as candy cane tie diamons gems and more!!! Many new itemscame with this holiday includng the pet reindeer and the animal deer.

    Now it is new years and I look back on the wonderful time i have had this year.Other new things have come such as adventures and diamonds too. And now all i hope is that the new year will be just as great!

    Good luck to everyone going for the competition and now i will write a few reasons why you should pick me.

    1.I am a fair jammer and all ways make sure my trades are fair.
    2.I am a caring and respectful jammer all ways making sure I never hurt anyones feelings.
    3.I am a giving jammer I all ways try to give as much to jammers in need or animals in need.
    4.I am a fun jammer and try to make others around me have a laugh and never feel down
    5.I am a jammer who nows peoples personal space and if they are sad i know when to back down.

    Here are some other reasons not to do with my personality while on jammer but what i like to do on jammer.

    6.I spend a lot of my spare time on my den and i have now finished my castle den( check it out i will swap dens because now i am starting a new one).
    7. I spend a lot of time perfecting my animals style often swappingg them around.
    8.I play a lot of adventures becoming animals that others cannot be to help them because it gives me a sense of pride and helpfulness.
    9.I enjoy drawing anything about jammer and entering it in competitions to get into jammer central which has happened before.
    10.I enjoy reading any news about jammer keeping up to date with and news including reading this blog.

    Now i will add some things about this blog:

    This is one of the best blogs i have ever seen it seems to me that you should be applauded on your efforts not many people auctullt realize how hard it is to make a blog but trust me i know and i have seen not one hiccup in yours. You should be proud of yourself. I would like to say that i think all the den ideas you have are so smart and i have used one or two my self so thanks.

    I would like to thank anyone who makes this blog possible and wish goodluck to anyone inthis competition i think who ever wins will be a worthy winner thank youfor taking your time to read this- phantomfighter333

  20. This is phantomfighter333 again i am so sorry to write that big blog i thought it was short thank you if you read the whole thing and i would like to add again that i really want this honour and it would mean the world to me i truly think i am a worthy winner please let me win this competition as i have never won one of these things before.

    Jam on-phantomfighter333

    1. No affecence but that is really long and you on,y had to put I would like to be jammer of the month
      Good luck

  21. I would like to be jammer of the month... I've never been one as far as I know...

  22. I like how your blog is the only blog I've seen that had a jammer of the month! Your blog is the awesomest :) I wish I could be the jammer of the month :P -Doogal

  23. hi scooter it's missdarlingjammer sorry i have not been on in a while but my nan died on christmas day (the truth)

    i whould love to be jammer of the month because my birthday is in january the 17 th i am 14 and a Millennium baby but 17 days to late :( so i have never been special..


  24. Hello! I am sparklegirl252, a new member as of Christmas. I would like to be Jammer of the Month!!
    I play whenever possible, which is sometimes twice a day and sometimes not very often. But, I play usually 6 out of 7 days a week, mostly because my family is religious. Thank you!

  25. Hi! Im Afccasady, and i would like to be the jammer of the month because i am loyal to everyone and i make everyone feel special. so i wanna be jammer of the month because so everyone can buddy me and visit me when there feeling blue.Everyone is special even if they are different to others.Everyone deserves to be treated the same even african americans need to be treated the same.Thank You for your time to read this Chocolate4050!

  26. Nice post. Thanks for sharing this fun information with us. Anyways, I would definitely like to be Jammer of the month.


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