Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hat and Bells

Jamaa News

Hello Jammers! The returning item to the Jam Mart Clothing Store is a Hat and Beard...
HB on Make A Gif
The 15th Jamaaliday Gift is Holiday Bells....
We only have 10 more days left of Jamaalidays :(
The store in Sarepia Forest has secretly came out with a new plant...
There is a video in the aquarium...

The Daily Explorer posted an article...
Little old news, AJHQ.

Den Designer

Here is a challenge for you jammers! Try and make a Christmas in July Den! Mine looks like the one above. I tried to make the pool look frozen =.= Anyway this is a great idea for a fun den during winter!

Sky News

The 80,000 views/Jamaaliday Celebration was fun! Here is a picture if you missed it...
 Thanks everyone!
  •      Yesterday, I forgot to announce the winner of the Discover Day, who was wow104. Congrats!
  •       Today is the last day to vote on the poll.
  •      Welcome knjjj to the AJSB Family for becoming a member of the blog!
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Comment Call: What is in the last present of the Jamaalidays?


  1. Hey scooter it's nbcnc here and do you want to go to my party? It will be on the server
    nile and if nile is full go to balkan! It will be in crystal sands on at 12 pm on your aj time. the party is tomorrow!P.S. we will be running all around crystal sands and in one of the parts we will be in the juice hut!

  2. 1st comment I thought I was forgetting something on AJ! I forgot your party but I got to twinkle0122's party.


  3. Sorry second comment !!

  4. I think it is going to be a special holiday gift, more than one thing maybe, or something big.

  5. that sure was a great time at your party last night! I hope we can be blogger friends forever!

  6. Thanks :) Also I remember last year the last gift was nr bows and arrow. Maybe it will be those again? I hope something else though.

  7. Oh! So sad I couldn't make the party... I don't have a computer with me at the moment. It looked like you guys had so much fun! Last jammaliday gift... Hmm I don't know! Pretty hard. Maybe a special den for nms and members? Haha I really have no idea. Well got to go, happy jamming!



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