Monday, April 1, 2013

Rare Cupcake Hat

ANIMAL JAM IS CLOSING... April Fools!! That will never happen any time soon. The rare item Monday is a rare cupcake hat for April Fools Day!
The Diamond Birthstone is on sale today just in time for April in Epic Wonders!
Did all you members get your cool spirit armor for the monthly membership gift............
Next on the agenda is that bubba01050 sent us a picture of this ad that he found on a website, awesome!!
There are also new items in the April Fools Party's Store....It doesn't show their pictures, and they are named funny names...but here are the three items sitting in my den...
And here is what happens when you click on all of them...
The Daily Explorer posted and article about the Spring Egg hunt! Did you find them all? I will post their places soon!
Remember to get all of the clearance winter items before they go away.. also the winter den is clearance too! Have fun and happy jamming!!!

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