Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Upside-Down Tea Set

Upside-down Tea Set is for sale today at the April Fools Party!!!

Here is a video of all the locations for the Spring Egg Hunt!!

The Daily Explorer posted an article about the Rare Item Monday yesterday...I hope everyone was able to get a cupcake hat!!

Mystery of the Week

The mystery of the week is located in Mt.Shiveer, the coldest place in Jamaa....
Beside the penguin egg icon for the spring egg hunt there is a mouth of a tunnel/cave. There is a picture of a seal above it, however it is blocked! What could this be? What does it mean? Some Jammers say it has to do with breaking the ice...They say if all seals jump and break the ice in Mt. Shiveer the cave will open! Is this true? What do you think? Have fun and happy jamming!!

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