Sunday, March 31, 2013


Happy Easter Sunday everyone! I hope you will have a great's new item is a longboard in the furniture store..

Animal Jam is really heading towards sports themes, huh!?!
The Daily Explorer talks about the koalas leaving Jamaa for a while..
Ok I will explain all possibilities of the new land below........

Ok AJHQ said it would be a new land, so it probably isn't the black area...It could be the red area, blue area, or the purple area though.....More than likely it will be the red area or blue. I personally think the red one looks cooler. It has a waterfall and it looks like a bayou. It could be called Bayou Bank or Ruin Rivers. The blue are looks like it has a lake, and it is full of trees with a sea shore. It could be called Rolling Hills or Long Lakes. That is just my predictions...what do you think the new land could be called? Where is it on the map? When will the new land be available? Have fun and happy jamming!!

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