Saturday, April 27, 2013

Underwater Top Hat

Sorry Jammers for such a late post! The good news is that I will only do it once every month or two months.. Anyway the new item is an underwater top hat!
The Daily Explorer posted about the new Jam Session Party! It is a blast...
Speaking of the Jam Session Party, I had a Jam Session Party of my own last night in my den! I think around 18 jammers showed up and we all had fun!! Don't worry if you missed it I will have more parties to come!! Oh, and I posted a new poll so go and vote!!

Mystery of the Week

The mystery of the week is in Mt. Shiveer, and it is buy the steaming lagoon! Notice in the ice hides a frozen dinosaur..
This dinosaur looks like a Plesiosaur, which is an underwater dinosaur. It may be frozen in time but the lagoon is hot and steaming so that might mean that the ice might melt! Did Animal Jam used to be populated with dinosaurs? Is it going to melt? How did it get there? Have fun and happy jamming!!

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