Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Four-Square and DrawQuest

Hi Jammers! Today's new item is first in the Jam Mart Store! It's another outdoor game, it's four-square!!!!!

You know as a kid I didn't play this as much as the others..anyway the Daily Explorer posted articles about the News Crew Assignment~Going Green

And they also posted about the Epic Den of the Week!!

Congrats Doctor Icypaw!
Now I would like to talk about an app that I have. Do you have an Ipad? If you do you should download this Ipad-only app, DrawQuest!! It is a fun drawing game!

You get profiles and you can add me: chocolate4040 yes this is the name of my nonmember account for animal jam! But just follow me on DrawQuest and see Animal Jam drawings!! Here are a few I have just doodled on the game:

Yup, so download for Ipad on the iTunes App Store! The Jamaa Journal comes out tomorrow!!! I'm excited! Oh, and the poll to the right ends today! So get some last minute votes!!!

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