Monday, April 29, 2013

Rare Fox Hat

Wow! I am very happy but sad at the same time...the rare fox hat is on sale today which is great!!!
However now, fox hats won't be as rare..the fox hats that don't say rare on them are more rare than the ones that do!

The Daily Explorer posted about the Photo Booth Contest, which I kind of touched on yesterday. Remember to send in those pictures into Jamaa Central!!!

I wanted to share this picture that was sent in by wow104....

It is a picture of the app spin-off of Animal Jam Tunnel Town!!! Cool and Fancy!
And now for GLITCH CORNER...this glitch is very famous, I am sure most of you have seen it before..

It looks like you can put den items in Coral Canyons...this glitch only has happened to one person though, and it probably won't happen again!
Just one more thing Jammers, The Animal Jam Sky Blog is growing and getting more and more popular...I wanted to thank everyone who has helped, commented, voted, and participated!! Let's hope this blog keeps growing for many more years!! Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. This blog is great and thanks for trying hard and postin! XD

  2. love ur blog!!!!!!!!!!
    ur doing great!
    when did you start this?

    1. Thank you so much!! I started the blog March 18, 2013. Ya it was not that long ago and I already have so many devoted fans and followers! I also already have 3,778 views, and rising by the minute!! Thanks again!

  3. So the fox hats are gone forever? except the traders that have it? awwww thx for posting!!!

  4. that puting den items in coral canyons that happened to me yesterday but it was in jamaa township i posted a video of it

  5. why have new jammers a fox hat?
    i want a fox hat

  6. that was not the only jammer that did the glitch, my friend did it and i watched and now i know how to do it!


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