Friday, April 12, 2013

Fighting Phantoms

Rumor Reader

Animal Jam and Animal Jam Blogs are filling up with a new rumor! This rumor has been spreading like wild fire!! The rumor is that we will have to fight phantoms on Animal Jam. This may or may not be true, NOBODY KNOWS yet except for AJHQ! There has been many clues for both sides of the stories... Some Jammers are afraid that Animal Jam will turn into a violence virtual world. This will never happen! The age group for Animal Jam is 7 and up. Anyway, below are proofs for both sides of the story!

 We will Fight the Phantoms

There are many clues for the "fighting phantoms" side. With the Jamaa Journal suggesting that an Adventure is coming, jammers have gotten stirred up!I am pretty sure that most of you have seen this photo!  It is sort of a clue to a point system. Who knows we might have to fight phantoms all around Jamaa and get points!

Also, two games involving phantoms have been out that suggest some "violence" and of phantoms attacking... However there are many more phantoms in other games!

Phantom Fighter and Falling Phantoms!!

We won't Fight the Phantoms

Animal Jam has been on for almost 2 1/2 years, and has had no sign of fighting phantoms. They have always had phantoms around but jammers have never killed them! Many Jammers don't realize that there has been weapons in Jamaa every since it has BEGAN!! Look here are three locations of spears and swords!
Jammers have always had the option to buy weapons and armor, and there is armor all over Jamaa..

Whatever the outcome is of AJHQ's decision I know that I will still play Animal Jam! They have never let me down before!! So don't worry about the future, play Animal Jam now!!! Have fun and happy jamming!


  1. That armor was used by an old organization called the courthouse of Sparta. These days they are for a bad purpose, but they use to be a group that ventured through several unknowable lands protecting the shamans. The shamans didn't need the organization no more so they split from their traditional faith and pushed for a king of animal jam. They were then ruled by a bunny related to peck. When Mira father vanished she created the PHANTOMS making them more evil on accident. Unleashing wrath it became a all bunny organization excluding any other animal from them. These days they are called Sparta bunnies aiming to destroy our culture. That armour was used before Mira was created if that told you how old that set is.

  2. I would actually lik it to be a fighting game...In the adventures apparently your character is so weak you have to trick them instead..At least let us use our weapon clothing items in adventures!


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