Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Upside-Down Sconce and Appondale

First off, I would just like to thank Snowclaw for adding the Animal Jam Sky Blog to the list of blogs! An upside-down sconce is for sale at the April Fools Party Today!!

The Daily Explorer posted about the double gems on EVERY arcade game!!

Remember to enter your best joke for Graham's Joke Contest. You can enter your joke at Jammer Central located right in the center of the Jamaa Township!

Appondale Journey Book

Well Jammers, some have asked and you were heard. This is the Appondale Journey Book locations to win a cool prize!!!
Meerkat on the mud rocks
Golden Mole on the mountain trail
Ant hill by mud hole
Rock Hyrax is on mud rocks

Wildebeest in the plains

Guinea Fowl on mountain rocks

Zebra on the plains

Cockroach by the museum

Warthog in the mud 

Black mamba on the trail

Weaverbird on the tree branch

When you find them all you will get a prize......
you will get an Pet Tree House!!! Thanks everyone! Have fun and happy jamming!!

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