Friday, April 19, 2013


In Epic Wonders there is a new tuxedo for sale for members...not renting tuxedos just buying ! :)  I thought this item was a good idea for wearing it to a dinner party..

The Daily Explorer posted about the Joke Contest, which I specifically talked about yesterday!
Congrats, to whoever won!!!

Glitch Corner

Now time for our little segment called "Glitch Corner." This glitch was not sent in this time, but it actually happened to me! I was currently playing as a giraffe in my den with a friend, and when I hit play this is what happened!!
If you look closer you can see that I am invisible!! All that is on me is my clothes and brown spots.. I tried it again, and it kept doing it! I guess the giraffes are hiding from the phantoms :D  Does this happen to you giraffes?  Oh and about the pet thing yesterday, it turns out it is true!! Cool! However nobody currently knows how many golden discs you need to get it! Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. Hi I'm petypetypark2286 and I just came to check out your blog an its awsome !can you please add me because even if I don't have a blog I can help yours!


  2. Sure thing!! I will add you to my buddy list! Thanks!

  3. I want to start an animal jam blog but I have no idea how :(


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