Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Horseshoe Set

We must be on a member streak because everything new is for members, sorry nonmembers!! Do you think there should be more features for nonmembers? I think they should have at least two pets! Anyway, today's new item is a horseshoe set. When you change the colors the whole item will change, just like the croquet set!!

The Daily Explorer posted about the Epic Den of the Week!! Congrats, Professor Cleverninja!

The joke contest has already been done, but I wanted to show you some of my favorite results....

Funny, huh!?!? Now on to the Secret of the Week! The Secret of the Week is located in The remodeled Brady's Lab. We have recently got reports that when you click on the little animal tanks on the shelfs, a box comes up that says add to journey book..

This will probably in the next update or something? Is it a glitch? What adventure book page would it be? What would the title be? Have fun and happy jamming!!

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