Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mystery of the Week

This weeks mystery is all about the Chamber of Knowledge! This has to be the most mysterious building in Jamaa...It is filled with the past (Mira, Zios, and phantoms). The store in the Chamber of Knowledge is very antique!! Below are photos of wacky items and places....
This photo is of either a phantom or a phantom hat! It is probably a phantom hat more than a dead phantom!! Cool that it's on display, this place is like a museum!
Upstairs by the shop is a space window. These telescope are towards beautiful stars. Who knows maybe  someday there will be a land in SPACE!!
This is pretty cool...its knight armor! Maybe to fight those Phantoms!
The last photo I have leads into a basement of Jamaa! It looks like an abanded seller..Maybe to hide for the Phantom Invasion we might have soon! Well that's all about the Chamber of Knowledge. Have fun and happy jamming!!!

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  1. I believe that you can attach the stars to make a picture (through the telescope)


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