Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Shamrock Glasses

Welcome all Jammers to the Animal Jam Sky Blog! The completely new item in the Jam Mart Clothing Store is Shamrock Glasses...
Original Color: Green
This item looks great, however they look kind of weird on animals...
They aren't even connected! They are just two glass shamrocks! O.O
I bought the blue kind.
The Daily Explorer posted an article about Lions...
Creature Features with Brady are pawesome videos! Be sure to check it out on Animal Jam's Blog!

Ambert is the week's Epic Sky Den for her idea of Kimbara Outback! You have been added to the Epic Sky Den Hall of Fame.

Jammer of the Month Sign-Ups are tomorrow!
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Comment Call: What is your favorite spike? (Rare, long or short, color?)


  1. yay first i like all spikes and i LOVE your den ambert its really cool i whould never have thought of it!!


  2. I like all the spikes but generraly I like short collars beacause they r one of a kind, if I had one in blue it will be awrsome but I do XD ~snowleopardcubs~

  3. Meant to say dont XD srry.


  4. I like the rare short collars and my color would be blue or purple :3

  5. I actually dun care about spikes since I dont like their look.However, If I had to choose I would do Anyone thats orange.

  6. My favoroet spike is a rare short spike and i love the color black but i dont think i would where it much honestly

  7. Plus their is no such thing as a short black spike is their??

  8. My favorite is the cotton candy spike they have in the diamond shop

  9. I rather like the long purple spikes, because they remind me of roleplaying as Scourage a while back. uwu (I've never had rare spikes, just spent a few months trying to get one X3)

  10. Scooter. Why didn't you say that I told you about the eagle glitch!! D:<


    1. Sorry! I forgot >.< It was your credit!


  11. I'd say my fav would have to be long orange. It is all that missing from my arctic wolf outfit! (though I do think the stud collar looks pretty good too)

  12. i like all of them they remind me of warrior cats scourge with his cool collar with sharp spikes(the spikes are teeth)

  13. My favorite spike is probably the long blue spikes. ^-^ Love the color blue!


  14. Favorite colar: rare long black blue or red rare spike colar ~pinky522

  15. My favorite spike is rare long black
    And thanks safari for buddying me


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