Sunday, February 9, 2014

Heart Glasses

Hey Jammers! The Jam Mart Clothing Store is selling Heart Glasses...
They are a pretty cheap item! O.O
Original Color: Magenta with silver inside
The Daily Explorer posted an article about the Olympics...
Be sure to tune into the Olympics on T.V.!

This week's video is a video of me editing Jamaa! Check out this cool video...

Attention Actors! The official recording time for "Sky Scenes" is 2/10/14 @ 5:00 [AJ Time]. Meet in my den (chocolate4050).

Below are the latest poll results...
Currently the Jamaa Journal Archive is under construction! 
Speaking of polls, there are 2 new polls!
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Comment Call: What is your favorite Olympic Event?


  1. I want the jamaa jornal page : D idk what olympic event i like o.o im so mad that AJHQ took away the fun part in free chat >:( pinky522

  2. I like the snowboarding in olympic for winter.... in summer l like swimming O.O idk why...

  3. I love snowboarding! And I'm also Russian! Today's my moms birthday ^.^

  4. Alice I Have a friend that's Russian and her moms b day is today!! OMG!
    Also my fave Olympic sport is Diving because I do diving XD

  5. My favorite summer sport is gymnastics and my favorite winter sport is ice skating :3

  6. I went to watch your video, but it says its private.

  7. before i SPAM can i spam on your blog scooter?
    it's just kinda like im advertising.
    Sorry but its just urgent.
    Plz reply, i don feel comfortable spamming without your permission.
    If no then nvm XD

  8. I won't be in it so someone will take my place. --Ambert--

  9. My favorite winter sport is snowboarding, my favorite summer sport is diving
    Live laugh and love huskies

  10. I can't come for backup! In my time (mountain time CA), I would be just finishing school! I'm sorry scooter...

  11. Replies
    1. I am sorry about the video being private! I will try not to make any more of my videos private! Sorry for the inconvenience!


  12. Idk much about Olympic Events, but I would choose Snowboard or Hockey

  13. I am sorry about the video being private! I will try not to make any more of my videos private! Sorry for the inconvenience!


  14. For the summer definitely gymnastics because I compete it and love it, for the winter either ice skating or some kinds of skiing. Nice post today. Btw your video is private!

  15. I live in Canada Ontario Toronto, it's 9:02 at night for me, what is tr AJ time, cause I want on at 6:00 pm for the Sky Scenes, and I didn't c u!


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