Sunday, February 16, 2014

Jamaa Journal Archive

Hey Jammers! The Jam Mart Clothing Store has released (as I guessed yesterday) Hat and Curly Wig...
Old-Fashion item, but it is nonmember!
Original Color: Green w/ Brown Wig

The Sarepia Theater has a new video...

The Daily Explorer posted an article about the New Intro...
I love the new intro because it digs into Jamaa's history.

Well... it looks like this week's Sunday video is the last one because of the recent Poll -->
Most of you decided to replace this segment, which is fine! ^.^
Anyway, I found this old video I made a long time ago. Enjoy!
That video is so old :)

The Jamaa Journal Archive is finished! Have fun exploring Jamaa's past newspapers. To go click the Jamaa Journal Archive globe on the right column -->
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Comment Call: Where is your favorite place to hang out in Jamaa?


  1. My favorite place to hang out is saripia forest. I love to pretend that im in the wild :D ~pinky522

  2. I dont rlly have a favorite place in AJ. Its kinda boring when ur a nm with no free chat...
    But i sometimes hag out in jamaa township a try to get good trades. Puffy56686

  3. Mt shiverrs is my favoret place to hang out

  4. I like hanging out in Bahari Bay. No one hardly goes there anymore. :( ~SparkleFootball

  5. Jamaa Township. but in Aldan Kimbara outback ^-^

    ~ surf4life123

  6. Mind adding my blog Scooter?
    Sorry to bug you and all.
    Thankies :3

    1. I added it to the More Blogs page! Thanks!


  7. I have a few fav places. I like to wonder around. I can usually be found in either Appondale or Mt Shivers in Aldan, but have been known to frequent other servers and just kinda pop in and out of areas :)

  8. I like the chamber of knowledge, Appondale, underwater, and crystal sands.


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