Saturday, February 15, 2014

Curly Wig

Welcome All Jammers! Did everyone have a good Valentines/Friendship Festival? I hope so!
The returning item to the Jam Mart Clothing Store is a Curly Wig...
Just in time for President's Day (Feb. 17, 2014).
 I am guessing that the other nonmember wig will come with it.
Original Color: Red w/ Blue Bow

The Daily Explorer posted an article about the Friendship Festival....
Remember to buy all Friendship item by Thursday, Feb. 20th before they go!

The week's glitch was sent in by garrett7777 and avabug01...
Two mustaches!?! Looks a little fishy ^.^

New Background added to the Blog!
Last day to vote on the polls!
HGHanimallover won yesterday's Discover Day, Congrats!
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Comment Call: What is your favorite AJ Holiday and Why?


  1. Comment call: my favorite AJ holiday is: 1. Hatpalzoona 2. Leap year party! Im pinky522

  2. I was first! XD plus why? They give out epic items

  3. lol i think the wig is weird XD


  4. My favorite AJ holiday is Jamaalidays because you can decorate your den nicely:)

  5. Well that is not really a glitch because they are two items on not one item and a glitch

  6. Leap Year Party (my birthday:3) and is anyone on a long weekend :D --Ambert--

  7. my favorite holiday is the phantom one. i think it is Night of the Phanotms... i really like it because of the cool clothes and the pet bats! BTW great post scoot! Keep up the grrrrrreat work!!!!

  8. Ooh AJHQ replied to an email I sent them!

    Hello surf4life123,

    We understand you have some questions regarding the eagles, sadly we do not have any information about future updates.Besides, we would not want to ruin any secrets about what might be coming next.

    For all the latest news be sure to read the Jamaa Journal newspaper or head over to the Daily Explorer, Animal Jam's very own blog

    Have fun, be safe, and we look forward to seeing you in Jamaa!

    Animal Jam HQ

    Celebrate SAFER INTERNET DAY on February 11th by taking the ONLINE SAFETY QUIZ in the Conservation Museum and the Chamber Of Knowledge!


  9. My favorite holiday on Animal Jam is:

    Hatapaloza, Jamalidays, and, Leap Year Party.

  10. My favorite animal jam holiday is Jamalidays and halloween, which is probably like phantom something or other :)


  11. I forgot to tell you Scooter, I might be quitting. Well, I won't be quitting fully. I just won't be on as much anymore ;-; --Ambert--

  12. My favourite animal jam holiday is leap year

  13. Great post as usual scooter :D lol ik I always answer late cuz when u post it's my midnight, and I'm not up that late with school finals and all. So ya I usually answer when I wake up the next day :P.. For the comment call my fav aj holiday is probably the friendship festival :D the township is so pretty that time of the year


  14. That's not a glitch, Scooter. They put on a moustache as the neck item and put on a Santa hat as a head item, making an awesome look.

    1. Love ur username :D I love mlp too lol


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