Monday, February 3, 2014

Rare Gardening Hat

Welcome Jammers! The Rare Item Monday being sold in Jam Mart Clothing Store is a Rare Gardening Hat....
Looks: ****
Price: **
Jamaasian: ***
The Daily Explorer posted an article about a Coloring Activity....
Fun activity thanks to AJHQ!
Also, is everyone sleeping in from the Superbowl....
I very rarely see Jamaa Township empty. 

Here is a mystery you probably never heard about...
We all know that these maps have been sold in the Jam Mart Furniture for a long time now. So, the mystery is... what is the map a map of? It is certainly not Jamaa. Do you think it is another country? Is it the Adventures Land? Is it a new land? Did Jamaa used to look like this?

Comment Call: Solve the mystery! Best solution will be shown on tomorrow's post!

Blu the Monkey - Issue #10 Grubby Surprise
Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. I really do think it a new land. I could be a future jamma too. I sad broncos lost!! Boo seachikens!
    Keep calm and cuddle on

    1. i'm sad the bronco's lost too :C but seahawks aren't that bad!

    2. Yay Seahawks!! Sorry guys , im not a huge fan but the Seahawks are local to me so i vote them. Also, i like their colors! Lol.
      Comment Call: i think it is where the Alphas came from, maybe. Or it could be the territories waiting to be revealed to us. Idk maybe... Where the phantoms come from... Or it could be something else. Or nothing at all, just a decoration.
      -- littlearticpaw1

    3. Scooter, Seahawks or Broncos? Or niether? Did you watch the Superbowl?
      - littlearticpaw1

  2. Beyond Jamaa i think it is where the Phantoms came from


  3. I think the map is a lower section of Jamaa. If you ever look at the map Kimbara turns into a thin stretch of land at the bottom and the land on the map starts out thin at the top. Also there are two little pieces of a river that turn into one river and there is a rive right next to Kimbara. Maybe it's a new land or where the phantoms live...or where the animals that live in Jamaa used to live. ~SparkleFootball

  4. Wow... --Ambert--

  5. It is Jamaa... you can even see the river flowing through.

  6. you should go on animal jam really late. It's deserted.

    1. Thats true, im sometimes on late and its deserted. I have had the township to myself for over 10 minutes before i het bored and leave. It usually gets deserted around 10 my time.
      - littlearticpaw1

  7. It's Asia or maybe something coming soon! Or it could be jamaa from the past. No ocean or Kimbara Outback!

  8. Its a map of russia u cam see : D pinky522
    Its not worth biying the gardining hat :I : D im pinky522

  9. I think it's a map of Europe, because on the bottom, you can see that boot like shape, so it could be Italy. I really think its Europe :D

  10. Glitch!! Not a vey cool one, but still, my mp3( im on it now typing this lol) glitched. Ok so... I was on Ask Scooter and i decided to go to the home page to see if there was any new comments( no btw) and when it loaded to Home it still said Ask Scooter at the top. My mp3 doesnt do screenshots as far as i know so i dont have a pic of it. Like i said, not very cool, im just kinda bored and decided to tell u guys.
    - littlearticpaw1

  11. I think that this strange and mysterious map could be the tracks the first alphas used long ago. Here is a story to go with it hope you like it and please post it please.

    Long ago before jamma ever existed there was a town called Makai. In this town many animals roamed free as it was the only town that would house all animals being the central town.There was many other towns that all housed one animal each. In the town of Lel there lived many bunnies.This town was least well off. Most bunnies lived on the dirty streets and phantoms took the young,old and weak bunnies. One day Little fiery gem the towns smallest weakest bunny was playing outside when she was taken by a phantom.All though when she got to her destination she escaped along with a few other animals. They explored the bushes thankfully having major major major the wolf charting there every step until finally they found jamma. Of course they had to fix up the buildings first when they got there and it wasnt like it is today but they set up camp in mount shiveer and explored from there saving animals and bulding dens for them and buildings for the public.This was all a long time ago and many things have changed but just remember that even a small bunny can make something very large very large indeed. The end.

    Additional information...
    >Peck is little fiery gems great great great great great grand daughter
    >Many more animals have been rescued by this team and the tradition came to call them the alphas
    >Mira secretly showed the young adventurers there way by flying in the sky and pointing out to where jamaa is.
    >All the animal evacuated the old towns even the central town and this has now become the phantoms base.

    Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed and let this be a lesson to you all> phantomfighter333


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