Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Liza Dolls

Welcome Jammers! Epic Wonders have released completely new Liza Nesting Dolls....
I absolutely love this item!! Even though it is kind of expensive!
Look at the smallest Liza Doll:
If you keep clicking Liz smaller ones come out of each other.
Brady's Theater has a new video:

The Daily Explorer posted an article about the R.I.M...
 The Tiger picture was the funniest ^o^
Finally in Jamaa News look at this den...
It is a dance floor! They put tons of tall shelves on the ground to make it look like a fun wallpaper!

Did you know that Animal Jam Academy is the newest place for crafts, art, science, technology, and more?
Click the image above to visit the learning site made by the makers of Animal Jam. It is a great place to make new stuff. So remember to visit it today!

The results of the polls are the listed below...
 Looks like I will replace the Sunday Videos with....
Blu the Monkey Comic Issues! Starting Sunday we will have Blu the Monkey Issues every week!
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Comment Call: What is your favorite design? (Swirls, Spots, Skulls, Stars, Moons, etc.)


  1. 1st! My fave r Lightning Bolts =D

  2. Mine is those weird straight lines XD --Ambert--

  3. I likes the ones that look like Aztech or jigsaw lines on my koala:))

    real comment: I love the new liza doll i want it to be non member, ok maybe the greely one will be non member. : ) My favorite pattern is the flowers and swirls. : ) Also, I can't wait for eagles! I really want them to be non member, but it is kinda ovious that it is members only. : (

    1. i know right : (

  5. my favorite design is flame, and on the artic wolf lightning bolts.

  6. the liza nesting doll originates from Russian (my language) and is call a Matreshka, or sweet mom in Russian. No wonder Liza is respected ?.?



  8. Yay! More blu the monkey. Also my swim season has finally ended, so I can get home while its still daylight!


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