Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Diamond Day

Happy Diamond Day? I will explain later. The new item in the Jam Mart Furniture Store is a Princess Chair...
Remember you can buy a small pet version in the Play-as-your-Pet Party to go with this big version.
Sarepia Theater has a new video....
The Daily Explorer posted an article about the Rare Item....
Not to shabby fox!
Okay, the reason I said "Happy Diamond Day" is because yesterday AJHQ sent out this message....
So that means today is officially Diamond Day!! Yay! Now what...

Well, since it is Diamond Day, did you know you could look like a Giant Diamond? Here are 3 easy steps to make yourself look like one:
Have fun showing off your Shininess!

Since it is Diamond Day, I guess I will give you all a Diamond Graphic:

Yesterday's Mystery of the Week Best Solution comes from SparkleFootball:

                              "I think the map is a lower section of Jamaa. If you ever look at the map Kimbara                          turns into a thin stretch of land at the bottom and the land on the map starts out thin at the top.                   Also there are two little pieces of a river that turn into one river and there is a rive right next to                         Kimbara. Maybe it's a new land or where the phantoms live...or where the animals that live in                        Jamaa used to live."

Beta Tab has added a full list of Beta Items sold in Beta Times.
By the way, Diamond Day means every Tuesday, because members get 1 Diamond.
 Oh well, it was fun making up a fake holiday!
Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. nice post today. I had no clue today was diamond day and your lion looks really cool! I actually think that the princess chair looks sort of cool!

  2. awww i was hoping that diamnd day would have diamonds for nm ;.. ( oh well

    1. and i forgot to add..... 3RD COMMENT! oh wait.... now it's 4TH COMMENT!

  3. Dimond day? LLOOLLLLLLL!!! Also do you like my new plushie comic series scooter?


    1. I like it! The dog is so tiny compared to the Arctic Wolf^-^


  4. Hi! So is it ok if i use some of your ideas for my blog? I will give you credit and a shout out in my next post. You can check out my blog if you want :3 (You already put it on the list XD)
    So.. ya...
    I just like the idea of your song playlist. I would like to do the same! :3
    Welp.. uh..
    Happy new year! BAI! :3

    1. Well..... I don't know. I am known for certain things and names (Comment Call, Fashion Show Contests, etc.) I guess you can do some stuff I do like "Glitch Corner" for example, but just change the name of it.



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