Saturday, February 1, 2014

Birthstone + Earmuffs

Happy February! Epic Wonders has released their Aquamarine Birthstone today....
Very shiny! You should definitely get it if your birthday is in February!
The Hot Cocoa Shop has put Heart Earmuffs back into their shops....
The original color above it red. I think those earmuffs should be nonmember.. Oh well!
The Daily Explorer posted an article about a News Crew Assignment....
They are due on 02/9/14!
 Also, I was on the Epics Den List yesterday...
Thanks AJHQ! 

Look at these pawesome glitches, 3711 sent in....
"The first is when I was playing an adventure and when it loaded this popped up and I couldn't close it! I could still move around but it wouldn't close and I couldn't open some extra chests so I exited the adventure and it was gone."

"This second is when I went into Jam Mart Clothing and clicked on the tables and I opened it up and this thing popped up, I also noticed the background with had a sorta fox symbol on it with the rare plaque on it. I know this is a common thing but I thought I'll send it anyway. Thanks SO much for your blog!"

Thanks for sending in your glitches!

Do you like the new background, labels, and contest?!?
More Blogs Tab updated
Congrats on dreamcloud13 for being Jammer of the Month!
coolpapa70232 was yesterday's Discover Day winner!
New Skymail video is coming soon so send in your gifts and questions!
Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. First comment! Lol add me scooter!
    love, pinky522

  2. Thank you chocolate4050


    1. Ur so lucky i never won :( pinky522

    2. Congrats to dteamcloud!Sorry to all the others.:(

  3. I knew i wasnt gonna win. :( oh well. Congrats, Dreamcloud13!!! :) have a happy day in Jamma!
    OH! and dreamcloud13, what was your prize?

  4. Wait, WHAT?! Aquamarine isn't for February! Silly AJHQ, it's an amethyst! ^-^

    1. I know. My bday is in february. Ajhq really needs to replace the march birthstone with the amethyst

    2. Yeah it does't make sense why they would put the march birthstone up instead of february's.

  5. i love the earmuffs! :D:D:D:D:D their sooooooooo cute :) and congrate dreamcloud13 :D:D:D:D:D:D: i never enterd anyway!


  6. Cool earmuffs shame that they are not non member

  7. It's my birthday in 21 days !
    Congrats dreamcloud13 🇷🇺🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  8. What!?!? Aquamarine is March not February!! My bday is in March and my sisters is February so thats how i know.
    Also, thanks Scooter! ( for putting the original color)

  9. Hi, Scooter! I'm Rocky ^-^ And my blog never gets these comments or views .o. how do you get the effects and music? it's awesome!
    -Rocky :)

    1. Hi Rocky!! I get music from
      Thanks for all the nice complements!


  10. Hi jammers! I am friends with Scooter and I love the post!


  11. Thanks so much Scooter!!!!! Also where did u find that animal jam wallpaper!!!!!!!!


    1. I create my backgrounds using! Thanks!


    2. Well you sure did do a great job with them! :D !!~IsabelHarp

  12. XD Thanks so much for featuring my glitches on your blog!

    - 3711

    P.S. Congrats to coolpapa70232 and dreamcloud13!

  13. wasn't Amethyst for February? Aquamarine is for March right...

  14. That's what I was thinking (Xavier883) … Animal Jam just keeps getting better and better… .-. OH! Also please report Peach3424 (this is for all of the jammers on this blog), BIG SCAMMER :(( she scammed me and a lot of other people. How do you think she got those black rare spikes?! ;O; !!! ~Isabelharp p.s….Congrats DreamCloud13! :)))


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